OPPO and OnePlus will continue in Europe?

OPPO and OnePlus will continue in Europe?

By eduardogaitancortez

The current rumors about the departure of OPPO and OnePlus from the European market, or at least their departure from various territories, set off alarm bells among users and technology lovers. The case was normalized when the brands denied the disconcerting runrún, for which, with the waters calm, it is a good moment to fix the crisis and the consequent scare.

It all started with an article published on the Chinese website 36 Krypton and with tweets like those of Max Jambor. The expert first commented that OPPO and OnePlus had left Europe and started their withdrawal in: Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands (some also mentioned Finland and Sweden).

Information then qualified by emphasizing that the damaged nations were only fish. Although OPPO and OnePlus issued a report reaffirming their commitment to “all existing European markets”, days 20Bits equally contacted both brands seeking more details.


OPPO and OnePlus


OPPO Spain sources highlighted that there is nothing to worry about and that many OPPOs such as OnePlus (which in parallel will also respond quickly to requests for information) will continue to be present in Spain and in the European market.

The same sources admitted that the announcement that the Find X6 series was going to stay in China made the buzz created “bigger”. Of course it would not have acquired as much echo.

However, in this situation the rumor gave more meaning to the universal lack of the Find X6 despite the fact that it is well known that the Chinese market plays in another league and has its own rhythm.

Not everything that is launched in the big Asian reaches Europe, far from it. In relation to OPPO, one should only remember what happens with the Reno series, launched here discontinuously. And going back to the Find X, by the way in Spain they went from the X3 to the X5 without the X4 in between.


The Europe Market


From OPPO Spain they comment on the peace that exists. They admit that in other territories “other situations are expected and it is more difficult.” What they say makes us think of Germany, where one of the points that gave rise to the voice of leaving the European continent had a great influence.

The accusation of Nokia for patent infringement: which led a national court to prohibit the commercialization of devices from OPPO and OnePlus. Nokia continued with the applications in the Unified Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, precisely the nations included in the hypothetical departure of the two companies.

About the delicate reality of OPPO in Germany there has been news. As can be read in 9to5Google, which refers to information from the German medium T3N, OPPO acknowledges that its trade in Germany is still “on hold” due to legal problems with Nokia, although it simultaneously highlights that it does not want to mention that it is going to leave that territory.




The OPPO Find N2 Flip and the OnePlus 11 5G OPPO and OnePlus. The brand was included in the former (they belong to the BBK group)and maintain their own identity and tactics. It also brought their flagship phones to Europe in February, the OPPO Find N2 Flip and the OnePlus 11 5G.

“We have had an outstanding start to 2023, with the well-known launch of various products on the European continent, in addition to having a line of upcoming products for the rest of the year”

said the official OPPO report.

The testimony, therefore, gives peace of mind that the brands ensure their continuity in our group of nations. OPPO also devoted a section of the statement to emphasize that its main premium bet for the overseas market is not through the Find X6 series. Discomfort limited to China, but through foldable cell phones. The powerful connection with the Find N2 Flip marks the brand’s foldable debut outside of China.

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