The Best SMS Apps for Android!

The Best SMS Apps for Android!

By eduardogaitancortez

Users of Android devices have plenty to choose from in how many SMS text messaging apps for Android just by having the Google Play Store as a distributor for any of these Android messaging apps. Knowing that text messages are an important part of daily phone use for quite a few people, not every one of these Android messaging apps finds significant quality.

Since it is essential to highlight the best messaging apps for Android after careful research about them. Keep in mind that these applications make use of the signals from your Android phone and the appearance of your written messages in your subscriptions and should not be confused with quick messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.


As one of the best text messaging apps for Android, users and press have consistently had good reviews for mysms lately. It could not only be used on Android devices but also on Mac, Windows, and web browsers. It gives the virtue of allowing users to write messages from their tablets or PCs just by using the phone number of the Android device. They also support multimedia messages and group messages and can connect to Google Drive and Dropbox services.

The downside is that many of the advanced properties require subscription to a Premium membership which is priced at $9.99 per year. Google messenger. As one of the best text messaging apps for Android, the Google Messenger is equipped with each of the simple features that you require for a pleasant text messaging experience. It comes bundled with a striking interface design. The benefits of this service are that, apart from sending text messages for free, you can also film audio messages and take photos using this application. The downside is that it could compound certain issues by misusing Hangout qualities.

Chomp SMS

One of the best text messaging apps for Android, chomp SMS features integrated message blocker, app passcode locker, blacklist and instant reply to pop ups. It also has more intense privacy possibilities and a wide variety of emoticons. It is interesting to use, because it has a simple interface. The only problem reported is that the customization possibilities are slim compared to other apps in the same category. 8 texts 8 SMS is a good text messaging app for Android which has several added features compared to other text messaging apps on the market.

It is quite simple to use and has a dark theme to save energy. It is also free to use. The only problem is that it offers spam after the 14 day trial which will continue to appear unless you make a donation. Messenger service If you’re already on Kitkat, then this is nothing new, as it’s a messaging app written on the market since Android 4.4 KitKat. You can check it out if you’re on an old phone trying to find it for a KITKat-like experience. It has a feature for writing old android apps. Users of this app complain about the length, especially on older Android variants.

Text SMS

It is a great text messaging app as it brings the new Android L design material to the app. This has made it more striking. Its properties integrate floating notifications and an immediate response to pop ups. One of its advantages is that it supports the use of Android and PushBullet if you have something like Samsung Gear Live.

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