Quick and Easy Reset of Your AirPods

Quick and Easy Reset of Your AirPods

By dayannastefanny

If you’re having a connection, sound, or battery issues with your AirPods, the first thing that comes to mind is to contact Apple Support, in any form. When you talk to them, they will give you a list of things you can try to fix without leaving or shipping your AirPods. So before going to a professional service, it’s best to try several methods for common problems. Chances are you will be able to fix it, and if not, by talking to them you will do your “homework” and everything will go faster.

How to reset AirPods?

Resetting the AirPods is the first thing we should try to fix your problems. There is a way to “forget” the AirPods and your devices won’t connect to them, but it’s just a simple unlacing of this accessory. If you’re interested in doing so, follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone go to Settings > Bluetooth and where the name of your AirPods appears, hit the “i” that is surrounded by a circle.
  • When you do this, a menu will appear with the option Skip device. When we give it, it will show us a warning. We press Skip device again if that is what we want.
  • By doing so, the AirPods will automatically stop connecting to our devices and we will have to link them again. However, this does not reset your AirPods to factory settings. To do this, we need to do the following:
  • In the case of your AirPods, open the lid, press, and hold the back button.
  • You will see the LED turn white and start flashing.
  • Continue to hold the button down for 15 seconds, until the LED turns orange again and starts blinking.
  • Close the cover and open it again near your iPhone. You should get an animation like this one, where you can link them like the first day.

Note: Resetting your AirPods should fix most bugs and issues that may arise in their lifespan.

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