Solve the Charging of Your iPhone With These Steps

Solve the Charging of Your iPhone With These Steps

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Your AirPods are rated for up to 4 hours of listening time on a single charge and up to 30 hours of continuous charging from the charging case (actual life may vary depending on the type of AirPods). But sometimes things go wrong and your AirPods won’t charge or your AirPods case won’t charge anymore.

Why aren’t my AirPods charging?


First, you can confirm whether the problem is with the AirPods or the charger. There are ways to deal with unsightly AirPods and AirPods cases are free.

Problem with the cargo box

When you try to charge your AirPods, the status light on the charging case should come on the first time you plug in or set up a wireless charging station. If not, this is a clear indication that the problem is not with the AirPods, but with the charging case (or elsewhere).

In one case, the black wires block the charging port and other sensors, causing the AirPods charging case to not work properly if the AirPods are not connected to the charging case.

AirPods software issues

Normally, when you put your AirPods in the charging case, the battery charges the earphones. Otherwise, it is an AirPods software problem and you can find an AirPods repair solution. However, this only works if there is enough power in the case.

  1. Place the AirPods in the case and close the lid.
  2. Bring the case close to the iPhone and open the lid.
  3. Wait a few moments and a status screen should appear, indicating the charging of the AirPods and the case.
  4. If the battery in the case is empty – or has less than 10% battery life – the AirPods will not charge. You will need to connect the case to the mains to charge it.

How to repair AirPods if they don’t charge?

  1. Check the connection status of the charging port

If your AirPods cannot charge, make sure Lightning to USB is properly connected to your USB charger and AC adapter. Make sure the adapter is properly connected to the power outlet.

If you are using a Qi-compatible charger with AirPods (Pro), make sure the cable is properly connected to the charger and the other end is plugged into the package.

  1. Changing the USB cable

If your AirPods or AirPods Pro do not charge, connect another USB cable to your USB power adapter or wall charger to see if it charges normally.

Sometimes, the problem with charging AirPods is not due to the AirPods case, but to the wrong USB cable. USB cables tend to break or wear out after regular use over some time. Sometimes, the transmission line ports are rusty or dusty, so clean them and keep them clean.

  1. Cleaning AirPods

Dirty AirPods are not only unhygienic, but also make it impossible to charge the charging case, and dirt can get into the charging port, preventing the AirPods from connecting well with the charging case. If dirt accumulates and gets inside the AirPods sensor, it can reduce the volume and cause serious damage. It is recommended that AirPods be cleaned every 72 hours. If you use AirPods for approximately 8 hours a day, you should clean them at least three times a month and clean your ears regularly to prevent further soiling. Use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth to clean the back of AirPods that are not charging after placing them in the charging case.

  1. Reset settings

When your AirPods still won’t charge, a reset can have charging issues and other quirks you may encounter with your AirPods. Unfortunately, you will have to re-pair your AirPods and this will erase all saved settings, so only do this if nothing else has worked so far.

  1. Place the AirPods in the case and close the lid. Open the lid again after a few seconds.
  2. Click Settings, then tap Bluetooth. Tap the information icon to the right of your AirPods.
  3. Tap Forget this device and confirm that this is what you want to do.
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