Spotify: Tips for Getting the Most Out

Spotify: Tips for Getting the Most Out

By julianapardogonzalez

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important music apps today. Spotify is one of the leading platforms in the music streaming sector, as we have already mentioned, and one of the few big ones that still dares to advertise its free mode without worrying about affecting the growth of the paid one. We are so used to its application that it is possible that some of us have settled for using it in a basic way without stopping to look at all the possibilities it offers.  

What is Streaming? 

Streaming refers to the digital distribution of multimedia content over a computer network, so that the buyer uses the product at the same time as it is downloaded. The word refers to a continuous stream that flows without interruption, and usually to the broadcasting of audio or video. 

This type of technology works by means of a data buffer that stores the download stream at the user’s station and immediately displays the downloaded material to the user. This contrasts with the file download mechanism, which requires the user to download the files completely to access the content. Streaming requires a connection of at least equal bandwidth to the transmission rate of the service.  

It became popular in the late 2000s, when hiring enough bandwidth to use these services in the home became cheap enough. It is usually time-shifted or previously recorded content, although it can also be live, which would be the broadcasting of content in real time over the Internet of some event as it occurs. It requires a video and audio recording source, a content encoder, a publisher, and a content distribution network to deliver the streaming content to viewers. 

We have already talked about Spotify and streaming generally. Now, we can talk in detail about tips on Spotify. 

Tips about Spotify  

Being, Spotify, a multiplatform service since it first launched in 2008. It is unforgivable that Spotify’s user experience can be so confusing for the people. Finding a specific album or playlist or mood on Spotify is about as enjoyable as doing taxes: The reward can be sweet, but the journey is onerous. 

With this tips list guided to using Spotify. The idea, is to help you maximize the benefit of that monthly subscription fee (assuming you have gone ad-free). Even if you have been using Spotify since day one, there might be something in here that will become your new favorite streaming feature. 

  • Disclaimer: Keep in mind, some, but not all, of the features described here are only available to Spotify subscribers. 

How to Find Songs, Albums, and Playlists? 

If you do it through the mobile, you open the Spotify mobile app, you will see three tabs at the bottom: Home, Search, and Your Library.  

Look for the icon “Search” that lets you search for artists, songs, or podcast titles. You can specify which of those categories you are looking for when you punch in your initial query, but Spotify does a lot of the sorting for you. 

If you are not searching for something, just tap on Search and select from a variety of various categories and subcategories representing your top four genres. If you scroll down to Browse All, you can find playlists determined by mood, occasion, even TV show and movie soundtracks. Now, if you are looking for playlists you have carefully crafted or saved, you will want to navigate out of Search and go to the Your Library tab on the bottom right. 

What is “Your Library”? 

Your Library is everything you have saved on Spotify: your playlists, the streaming radio stations you have followed, the songs you have downloaded, the artists and albums that comprise your saved stuff. It is also another avenue into songs you have recently played. 

Here is important to highlight the difference between your saved items and downloaded items. Since, saved means that you have earmarked it so that it appears in “Your Library”, thereby making it easy to find later. But that does not necessarily mean your songs have been downloaded and can be played offline. 

Your faithful friend: The Offline Listening 

Spotify makes it easy for you to download any song in its massive library to your phone. That way, you can listen to music even without a data or Wi-Fi connection. 

As we mentioned in the last point, has often been confused to the features, then downloaded. The crucial difference is that when you save something, it bookmarks it but leaves it in the cloud. You won’t be able to listen to anything that is saved when you go offline.  

Here is the way to do it:  

  • Go to a playlist, look for the Download option right at the top of the playlist. 
  • That is, it. A green downward arrow icon will appear next to any playlist that is available for offline listening. 

If you want the option to download playlists when you are not connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection, even though that will eat up a portion of your monthly cellular data. 

  • Go to Settings > then Music Quality > and navigate to Download
  • Opt into Download Using Cellular, and you are ready to scramble to download a playlist with two bars of service just before takeoff.  

Downloading works for anything on Spotify—not just playlists, but also albums, podcasts, and individual songs. 

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