Spotify: How to see who liked your playlist

Spotify: How to see who liked your playlist

By julianapardogonzalez

Spotify not only works to listen music in a streaming way, but also as a social media. Since it is a wonderful way to share your music with the world. You can create playlists and share them with friends, or make them public so that anyone can listen. 

It is fun but also can be seen as a reward for choosing excellent music and to see how many people have listened to your playlists, but did you know that you cannot see who liked them? That level of granularity used to be a feature on the platform, it was removed in 2013. 

Is it Possible to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist? 

So, unfortunately, the short answer is no. Spotify does not have any feature that allows you to view the list of people who like or follow your playlist. 

Alert: You may come across websites claiming they can show you exactly who liked your Spotify playlists, but most of these are swindles and should be avoided. 

Can you see who likes your Spotify playlist? 

Spotify is not able to give all the information about how many playlist subscribers he wants. But, when a user is using their computer, they can go to Spotify apps to find out how many followers their playlist has under the title. 

Then, knowing how many followers your account is following, you can find out how many people are using your username on their Spotify account. This should take you into their profiles, where you will also find a tab called “Overview,” “following” and “followers.” Clicking on the Follower tab will give you a list of the current list. Similar strategies can be used in smartphone applications. 

Get an idea of who is listening to your music 

Ey! Do not worry, there are still ways to track who is listening to your music. Spotify provides a list of followers for your profile, which includes all the people who have subscribed to your music. This is an effective way to get an idea of who is listening to your music. 

With this list, you can see how many people liked your playlist on Spotify. In the other hand, if you want to see how many people have liked your Spotify playlist. Just visit the Spotify playlist page and look for the “Likes” section. This will tell you how many people have liked your playlist. This is a terrific way to see how many users are enjoying your music and to track the growth of your playlists over time. 

Exist another way to see who liked my Spotify playlist? 

The only way is to ask them directly. If you share your Spotify playlists on social media, you can ask people who liked or commented on the post if they also followed the playlist. 

So, while Spotify does not offer the ability to see who liked a playlist, you can still get an idea of its popularity. With your ingenuity and your social media. However, Spotify does give you the ability to view a list of followers for your Spotify profile and follow others who show interest in playlists that are like yours. 

If you are understanding how Spotify works and the features available to you, it is a fantastic way to ensure your Spotify playlists reach as many people as possible. 

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