Paramount+ Subscription Plans

Paramount+ Subscription Plans

By camilaforero

Online streaming consumption has been increasing in recent times, especially since the beginning of Covid-19, therefore, all streaming platforms have had constant competition in the market. In the same way, many new streaming platforms have been created for this very reason, and in this way we find the American streaming service owned by Paramount Global, Paramount+, which has lately been a threat to the big streaming platforms.

Some of the titles that this platform has and that sound quite interesting are Yellowstone, Tulsa King, among others that definitely attract attention, in addition to this. The platform offers a wide range of content and attractive plans which are interesting and a good option for users.

One of the concerns that most have when making a purchase of a subscription on a streaming platform is profitability and that is where the question arises of which is the best platform, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu?

This time we are going to review a comparison between some streaming platforms and Paramount+ and their subscription plans, so that you can find the best one for you and the one that is most affordable. In this way you can decide if you feel in doubt between Paramount + or some other platform.

Subscription Plans

Let’s see the subscription plans that each of the platforms handles before making a comparison of all of them.

Paramount+ Subscription plans:

This platform offers two subscription options. The cheapest plan is Essential at $4.99/mo, however it includes some limited ads. The other plan that Paramount+ offers is Premium which costs $9.99/month, this does not include ads, which may be much better for some users.

Likewise, for any of these two plans that you decide to subscribe to, you will receive a 15% discount for an annual subscription. Likewise, Paramount+ offers young people a student plan, therefore, if you are a student you can take advantage of this discount.

Netflix Subscription plans:

On the other hand we have Netflix, this platform offers four plans for its users, among them we have the Basic plan that has ads, its cost is $6.99/month, which is only found in certain regions. The next plan is ‘Basic’ at $9.99/month, this is ad-free and for one device only. Another plan is the one that costs $15.49/month and the latest plan is $19.99/month, these plans offer the possibility of using more than one screen and they also have no ads.

Amazon Prime Subscription plans:

This streaming platform offers an $8.99/month plan, likewise, it includes other benefits such as unlimited music, free deliveries, special discounts, among other benefits included with Amazon Prime membership. Similarly, like Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video offers a student discount, bringing the price down to $7.49/month.

Hulu Subscription plans:

The plans offered on Hulu are, the first that contains ads for $7.99/month or $79.99/year, and the second for $14.99/month, which does not contain ads. Hulu has recently become a very famous platform and has acquired quite a few subscribers.


Today the transmission platforms are very important, however, due to the different prices that are found, not all of them are accessible to users. You can choose between the ones you like the most, we have previously seen the most popular and recommended ones on the market, and thanks to the comparison that can be made, we can see that the cheapest is Paramount+ with a $4.99/month plan.

However, reviewing the options, we can see that there is a great similarity between Paramount+ and Amazon Prime in their ad-free subscriptions, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs in order to enjoy the content that the platform offers.

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