New Spotify Update: Exciting Changes Coming Soon!

New Spotify Update: Exciting Changes Coming Soon!

By dayannastefanny

In recent months, Spotify has reportedly been looking at ways to incorporate social networking features into its streaming music platform. In particular, the company appears to be taking notes from the popular short-form video app TikTok. Which has been a huge hit with young people and has become a major force in the entertainment industry.

Next month is the date Spotify has set for an event to announce some major news for the massive music streaming app. Undoubtedly one of the most striking, if confirmed, will be a design change that will completely change the way the platform is used. Giving a new shape to the aesthetics as well. The main change will be a vertical scrolling homepage in the style of TikTok with the clear intention of calling it.

As revealed by Bloomberg, this homepage will be more dynamic and music can be selected from randomly played suggestions. Instead of the static cover carousels you now see when you open. A small preview of the new version of the platform was seen on the investment day eight months ago. The initial version of the idea appears in the video around minute 37.

In addition to its efforts to create a more user-friendly interface for younger users. Spotify is trying to integrate the three legs of its business: music, podcasts, and audiobooks. In this way, the three strands of the audio format offered by Spotify would form part of a single stream and try to copy TikTok users on the platform with diverse content. It is not the first to try this: Instagram or YouTube have already tested this type of feed.


Spotify is looking for ways to incorporate new features


According to some reports, Spotify would be considering adding features. Such as the ability to create short videos and the option to follow other users and view their playlists. These features would allow users to interact with each other and share their music more socially.

In addition, Spotify is also reportedly working on a new feature called Clips, which would allow users to record and share audio clips with comments about the music. This could be an interesting way to share opinions about songs and albums with friends and followers.

While these new features might appeal to some users, it is important to note that Spotify is still a music platform first and foremost. Spotify is a music platform designed to help users discover, listen to, and enjoy their favorite music. Unlike TikTok, which is a social network that focuses on entertainment and viral content.

These new “socially inspired” features may help Spotify retain younger users, who may be more interested in sharing and discovering music on a social platform.

However, the company must also make sure it doesn’t stray too far from its core focus on music, which is what users have come to expect from the platform. Spotify’s Similarities to Other Apps.


A more personal artificial intelligence


As if that were not enough, the streaming music platform decided to jump on the artificial intelligence bandwagon. How? By further adapting the intelligent mix to keep a more accurate record of the songs being listened to and their playlists to provide customers with better recommendations.

Spotify has been working on this algorithm update for years. All these marks are signs that Spotify wants to be more than just a music-listening service.

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