Discover TikTok’s Viral Hack for Your Headphones!

Discover TikTok’s Viral Hack for Your Headphones!

By auroraoddi

Let’s find out together what is the TikTok’s viral hack for your headphones. Music is one of the best companions wherever you go. That is why it is important to have good headphones, you know, comfortable, practical and that give you good sound. Now, in the market you can find any number of headphones and of all prices, where normally quality and high price go hand in hand.

But don’t worry, because if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can try the hack that has gone viral on TikTok, where it makes your headphones improve the sound quality when using the iPhone. That’s right, let’s discover the viral TikTok hack for your headphones.

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A melody for your ears


As you well know, the sound quality varies greatly depending on the brand and model of headphones. Even, as a general rule, the more invested, the better they sound, due to the technology and materials with which it is equipped. For example, the AirPods stand out in their line and ever since they hit the market. I bet you’ve been wishing you had them.

Now, a TikTok user, has come up with a trick that you, as an iPhone user, can follow to improve the sound quality that your AirPods emit in just a few seconds. But well, it is actually a feature that Apple has included in iOS 16. Even, it is not intended specifically for listening to music, but rather as an accessibility tool, one by one.

So, it is clear that the famous company Apple, includes a variety of functions and tools to help you as a user to use your devices. And of course, to meet your needs such as visual or auditory, among others.

But not only this, since, with iOS 16, Apple has included an option with which you can artificially boost the audio of your headphones. That’s right, and this is achieved in just a few simple steps.


How to apply the TikTok’s Viral Hack


  1. To get started, on your iPhone, open Settings
  2. Then, go to the Accessibility section
  3. As soon as you are there, you have to go to the Audio/Visual section.
  4. From there, go to the Headphone Settings and with this, activate them.
  5. Now, when you get a series of options, go to the Sound Amplification section. Here there are three modes: light, medium and loud.
  6. Finally, keep in mind that by default, this feature is set to light mode. So, change the level to improve the audio and you’re done!

Finally, this trick that has gone viral, applies to all types of audio that your mobile plays. So we are not only talking about music, but also about a tool that helps people with some hearing impairment. It is not a tool to improve the sound of your music. Therefore, make good use of it and moderate it for your ears.

As you can see, this trick is very simple to do and very useful, you know!

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