Teclast T50 Tablet vs Nothing Tab 1

Teclast T50 Tablet vs Nothing Tab 1

By IsraeliPanda

There are not many letters in the Latin letter set… Also, there are considerably less Arabic numerals… A gadget called “Teclast T50” has previously existed once. What’s more, it was anything but a tablet, yet… Indeed, it doesn’t make any difference.

Chinese tablet producers keep on hurrying to stamp an ever increasing number of new tablets on “tigers”, economical chipsets from Unisoc.

Amateur Teclast T50 – tablet modestly inquisitive. Also, the memory was poured from the heart. Furthermore, they figured out how to make it slight. Furthermore, for reasons unknown, they put a multi-megapixel camera. Also the cost is compassionate.

Chipset here Unisoc Tiger T618. In the 10th AnTuTu, he scores in the area of 250 thousand places. Not a beast, but rather not a stupid state representative all things considered. They weren’t covetous with RAM by any stretch of the imagination. Its here is just about as much as 8 GB. In addition 128 GB of long-lasting memory. Furthermore support for memory cards.

The screen has a corner to corner of 11″. IPS-grid. The goal is 2000×1200, which gives 212 dpi. By the guidelines of cell phones – a little, by the norms of tablets – not terrible. There is no expanded invigorate pace of the screen, just the standard 60 Hz.

Battery 7500 mAh. Somewhat quicker charging – 18 W.

The front camera is average – 8 MP. However, the back out of nowhere has a goal of as much as 20 MP. What for?! Furthermore, no matter what the quantity of megapixels, I don’t have confidence in the respectable nature of photographs in enormous economical Chinese tablets.

Teclast T50 can work in LTE organizations, however the rundown of upheld groups has not yet been distributed. Double band Wi-Fi, Type-C – it’s for the most part present. Besides, a whirligig with a compass and backing for all significant satellite frameworks are guaranteed. According to the authority pictures, there is no unique mark scanner and standard sound result.

Teclast T50 has proactively showed up on AliExpress. The beginning of deals is booked for October 19 and on this day the tablet can be purchased for $ 179.99 (₽13200). What cost will be along these lines is obscure.

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