The best IT areas to work

The best IT areas to work

By carolc

The IT area is one of the areas most desired by several people. It is present in various parts of our life. It is a profession in which there are several types of careers for the most diverse competencies.

There are several areas that large companies always need to hire. But, for this the professional must have qualification and skill to be able to adapt at work.

We will show you what each area does and what the main functions are so you can do a good job. And every kind of skill is very important, whether for those who like complex algorithms or for those who love the hardware part.

This profession has a very high demand for professionals for desktop, mobile and network development. Large and new companies need these professionals, who know at least a little of their technology.

Those who work with smartphone development in companies also need to understand the desktop, as many management tools help in the developer’s organization.

Every person, even if he or she is not an expert, understands a little bit of technology, because it is present in our lives on all sides, making it easy to imagine in which sector you would like to be working.

Some like games more on the PC, there are more on the mobile, if the person wants to be a game developer, it will be easy for them to know which device they will work for.

For those who want to become a great professional, they need a lot of training. Next, we go to the main areas of technology for you to specialize or start your career.

System Administrator

A systems administrator is a very important professional in the field of information technology. In this role, the professional must take responsibility for leaving the network stable and knowing how to operate the computers

Its main function is to be responsible for the management of the places where the machines are, managing routines and processes in the operating systems, in the database and the entire company network.

Another very important part is also helping users to operate correctly to use programs and equipment correctly, as well as installing and configuring software.

Database Administrator

Every company needs a professional who needs to understand databases. This professional can program the entire structure so that the systems can store the information.

Also, they need to keep the database testing and approval environment stable, as well as installing and maintaining database management systems.

Information Technology Manager

Information Technology Management is a very important part, as it involves a great deal of skill in the administrative part and the professional is extremely organized in the processes and has good skills of a leader.

This professional must be able to manage the hardware and software and keep everything well organized. It is also responsible for analyzing the processes and assisting in the optimization and compliance with management standards.

Computer Network Architect

Network Architects have the mission to develop a good data communication network and also that stable communication at all times. In this way, an architect needs to understand the entire network well because it is he who will take care of the budget and implementation of the network.

He has a responsibility to manage a team of network professionals. This professional always needs to be updated on the market, as new equipment and structures are launched all the time, and the better the technology, the better the productivity.

Digital Games Programmer

A large area that is growing today is that of digital games. There is a large audience and billions of users worldwide. And of course, with this demand, a professional to develop as well.

There are few professionals in this area precisely because they have a great demand for services, for those looking for this type of work, they will surely find great challenges to overcome in the technology area as well as great job opportunities.

Web Developer

The web programmer he is the professional responsible for creating the part of websites and applications that are hosted on the internet. It creates applications and web systems, which must work on various computing platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Android, MAC.

To be a good web programmer, you must have mastery of one or more programming languages. They are codes and commands that are made so that the machine or system understands what must be done.

The most common languages ​​are Java, PHP, .Net, C, among others. You also need a mastery of the tools that are used to create the codes.

This professional still needs to know the database, because in most companies this professional already communicates with the programming codes with the database part.

Other languages ​​that the web programmer needs to be experts are SQL, responsible for coding the database, and the web languages ​​that are HMTL and CSS.

There are several short and long-term courses in this area. The professional must have great skills in creating applications and also very creative to create innovative solutions.

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