Free movie download apps for android in 2020

Free movie download apps for android in 2020

By carolc

Movies and TV shows are one of the greatest mediums of entertainment in the modern world. Can you count the number of times interesting movies have made your day? Certainly, the number will be high! Some people are of the opinion that watching movies is a waste of time. Well, it only becomes a waste of time when watched at the detrimental expense of important tasks left undone.

Apart from this, watching movies in your leisure time it’s never a waste of time. Besides, there are tons of information in movies you probably may not know in real life. There’s always something new to learn. An example is other people’s culture. Movies bring far and distant culture closer to you.

They make you understand the dynamic nature of the world, keeping you entertained and updated on salient issues of life. When constructively watched, movies can become a productive channel for getting more exposed, knowledgeable and even educated.

Gone are the days you have to glue your eyes to the TV screen to watch movies. Technology keeps evolving and adding new spices to the mix. Now, you can watch any movie of your choice with your mobile devices. Getting your mobile device app-ed up will do the job!

We’ll be checking out top free movie downloading apps for Android in 2020. You’re set? Let’s roll!

1. OGYoutube

In the world of video contents, YouTube is the ultimate threshold. It is a globally affirmed fact. You can download any movie or video you want on YouTube. In as much as you know the movie’s title, all you need do is input the title in the search box and search, and voila! The movie is right in front of you, waiting for your download click.

The only challenge in using YouTube is the restriction placed on the download location. You can’t have any videos to be directly saved on your device’s gallery. The videos downloaded will be saved as offline downloads on YouTube.

If you want to download videos directly to your phone’s database from YouTube, you should consider using the OGYoutube app. OGYoutube will come to your aid in downloading videos from YouTube in any format and have them appear on your phone’s gallery.

Furthermore, the app comes with all the integral functions of the YouTube app with several additional features that can be of use. These added features are Dark mode, Ad-block, multitasking and background playing.

2. Showbox

If you want to watch movies and series for free, showbox is the best app for you. It is a very popular app. It doesn’t require you to have an account before using it. What’s more, it is completely free to use. The app is the teeming ground for a vast collection of movies, series TV shows and music.

Furthermore, the app doesn’t have any annoying ad displays when using it, and it is always updated with the latest shows. You can be sure of never missing out on any new movie, series or TV show.

Showbox is very easy to use. The interface is user-friendly, giving its users a smooth and easy-ride overall experience  when used. This app should definitely be checked out. You really will love it!

3. MegaBox HD

If you don’t get to use Showbox, the best alternative to consider using is Megabox HD. MegaBox HD is another incredible app you can use to watch your favourite movies, TV shows and series. It is completely free to use. Just like Showbox, this app’s user-interface is easy and quick. No complications, no fuss. Simple and easy navigation all through!

Quality and HD-coated videos are the top choice of everyone. This app gives such topnotch videos. You’ll get high-quality HD videos. The app saves you from the stress of overwhelming ads. If you want to get subtitles for your movies, you can get them here as well. MegaBox HD is the home for  mega videos with quality HD support. The app is worth a trial.

4. UKMovNow

The next in line on our list of movie downloading apps is UKMovNow. This app gives you virtually unlimited number of movies to binge-watch. It has an easy and quick-to-understand user-interface. The movies gotten here are all high-quality HD videos. You can be sure of that. Also, the app is regularly updated to keep it up to speed with the latest movies, series and TV shows. You’ll never miss out on any current movie or series.

5. VidMate

Vidmate is a popular movie downloading app. It is an excellent app for downloading trending and latest movies and videos from different sources like YouTube, Daily motion, Instagram, Vimeo and so on. Movies released just a day ago can easily be found on this app!

Vidmate has an organized range of movie genres and types. You’ll find Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood and Dubbed ones. You can download multiple videos all at once. Another amazing feature of this app is its easy-to-use user-interface. What’s more, Vidmate allows you to download directly from YouTube and have the downloads on your gallery. You should pay Vidmate a trial visit.

6. Letmewatchthis

Letmewatchthis is a superb platform for downloading and watching movies. With this app, you can stream movies as you wish, all for free. Nobody likes low quality videos. The movies here are of high quality. Viewers are enabled to watch movies on any resolution of their choice.

Furthermore, you can find all categories and types of movies here. This app is also a soft spot for anime lovers. Perhaps you are a big fan of anime movies, this platform is a good place for you to be. In all, Letmewatchthis is a good spot for all movie lovers.

7. SnagFilms

Snagfilms is a remarkable platform for watching movies for free. The app gives out over 5000 movies without asking for a dime in return. It has an organized collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, African, Korean, Spanish and Korean movies. The user-interface is easy and provides easy navigation. If you want maximum entertainment, try downloading this app.


Movie downloading can be very stressful and complicated. But with the right apps, downloading movies is as easy as pie! For maximum movie download and entertainment, try out the apps listed here. You’ll definitely love them.

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