Top five social media app in 2020

Top five social media app in 2020

By carolc

Human beings are social entities. We are programmed to relate and associate with others. That is why you speak with your friends, relatives or a pizza delivery guy. Whether personal or not, as far as you exist on earth, there’ll always be a need to communicate with people.

Communication is the unique feature that stands human beings out the most from every other living creatures. Nobody likes a gloomy, non-relating person. We are not created to be boxed in with our feelings. Every normal human being is hardwired to relate, however small, with their people and their environment. That is our default communication setting.

Ancient times have employed different means to communicate with themselves. Drums, smoke, horns, gongs, to mention a few, are some of the means of communication. These means of communication are of course, very limited and have several number of disadvantages. Nevertheless, the ancient times had no other choice but to continue using them anyway.

In the present modern world, the storyline has totally changed. If ancient men can spend just an hour now to see the difference and the unbelievable speed in communication over long distances, they’d almost shed tears and say to you, “lucky you!” Technology evolved and transformed every sphere of human endeavor.  Communication,  a key feature of humans, has been completely changed by social media apps.

Listing top ten social media apps in 2020

Social media applications have turned the world to a global village. Just at the comfort of your house of office, you can communicate with people anywhere in the world, in real time. Communication has never been this fast, efficient and timely in the entire history of man. This is all thanks to the excellent job social media apps are doing.

In this article, we’ll be checking out top 5 social media apps in the year 2020. You can use these apps to communicate with your friends, families and others. You can also use them for promoting your business. The choice of use is all yours.

Are you ready? Let’s move!


Facebook is the grand emperor of social media apps. With over 2.5 billion monthly users, Facebook is the most popular and widely used social networking site. It is no doubt the current ultimate social media platform.

Facebook is a social networking site for connecting with families and friends. New friends can be made on the platform. With the profile account, you can share photos and posts to your friends and relatives.

Lately, Facebook has gone beyond the basic platform for simply connecting with friends. With its recent inclusion of Facebook pages and Facebook ad campaigns, it is now a hot marketing zone for promoting businesses, targeting audience and increasing brand awareness.  Digital marketers make use of Facebook for promotion of products, services. It is the leading platform when social media marketing is concerned.


Instagram is the next social media king after Facebook. After being bought by Facebook for jaw-dropping amount of 1 billion dollars, Instagram has attracted a huge number of active monthly users. With its current pace of influence in the social media world, it’ll not be much of a surprise if it catches up with Facebook and outran it in some years to come.

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media platform that allows users to share beautiful photos with their followers. Just like Facebook, Instagram is another blazing zone for promoting businesses and brands. Users can share photos specific to their businesses and brands. Instagram is the social media home for many world influencers and big brands across the world.

If you want to promote your business and boost your online presence, Instagram is the best spot for you.


The third social media giant is Twitter. The adorable social media platform is known and popular for enabling users to “tweet” their opinions, thoughts and messages to the world. Twitter’s short text message format (maximum of 28 characters) allows users to send short but often powerful messages to the world.

Twitter is very good for developing short but detailed and encompassing message. The word limitation it has will compel you to think clearly and go straight to the point you intend passing.

Twitter plays huge role in business promotion. Many brands and businesses owe their successful business campaigns to the far-reaching and quick-trending tweets and hashtags features of Twitter. It should be noted that Twitter is the pioneer of hashtaghashtag (#). If any news is hotly trending round the world, don’t blink twice about it, Twitter is behind the trending wheel!


WhatsApp met and outran many social media apps. Having a huge number of active monthly users, it has cast shadows on the rising grades of Facebook messenger. Currently, WhatsApp is among the top ruling social media platforms in the world.

The social media platform is used in over 183 countries in the world. At the outset of its use, WhatsApp is mainly used for personal chatting and message sending among friends and people. But with the latest boost in online marketing and shopping, WhatsApp is now used for business promotion by many business owners and brands.

Businesses can efficiently be promoted using WhatsApp business account. WhatsApp business gives you a professional profile which will effectively help you to share and updates to your customers.


YouTube is the most popular social media platform for sharing video contents in the world. Although it has big competitors, YouTube still top the billboard over the years. Having a record of 1.8 billion users per month, YouTube is taking the world by a massive storm. Everyday, new users keep flooding in and coming on board.

YouTube is a perfect platform marketing your products to targeted audience. Also, for every of your video needs, YouTube remains the best platform to get what you’re looking for. It is the video-sharing and music-sharing giant of social networking sites. You can also do live streaming of video contents across the web.


Social media platforms have brought the world closer like never before. New numbers of the apps are keep showing up everyday. Although these apps are business-inclined, their sole aim is to make communication easier, convenient and fun.

The fuve listed social media apps are currently the leading social platforms. This does not in any way shade the immense functions and importance of other top social media apps.

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