Instagram for business: everything you need to know

Instagram for business: everything you need to know

By carolc

Social media marketing, a technological invention, has become an important part of our daily lives that it’d be hard for any business owner to be successful without using it. The world is going digital every second that ticks by. If you don’t want your business to be left in the dark, then you need to step into the light of social media marketing.

There are various social media tools around now, each of them having their peculiar functions and application. However, it is very important you understand the nature and functional designs of any social media tool you’ll be using for your business promotion. If you want to upgrade your business to another level with the aid of social media, Instagram is one of the best social media tools you should consider using.

If you have not joined the big Instagram family, well, it’s not too late to come on board. With the appropriate marketing tactics, you can boost your business, promote it and make good sales using Instagram.

In this article, we’ll be touching what you need to know about using Instagram for promoting your business.

Creating an Instagram business account

Firstly, to join Instagram you need to sign up for an Instagram account then ensure you create a business profile. Creating a business profile will enable you with tools that’ll give you your business an online presence. That’s the starting gig. Giving your business an online presence.

Converting your profile to business profile involves following some simple steps. First, you’ll go to your profile, press the three bars located at the upper right-hand corner side. Click “Setting” and tap “Switch to business profile”.  Instagram also gives the recommendation to link your  Instagram business profile with your Facebook account.

Now that you know how to set up Instagram business account, we’ll be moving to how you can use the account to promote your business.

Use professional photos

Instagram is a photo-sharing social media world. Photos speak a lot about someone’s identity, as well as business too. If you use low quality pictures for your business, even if your business is of high grade, people will assume your business is of low standard. Make your photos standard and professional.

Fortunately, Instagram has features that enable users to edit pictures. Make use of these functions to give your photos a professional look.

Make use of instagram stories

The story category is one of the most popular features of Instagram. The stories are of course, pictures and/or videos. The videos and pictures last for 24 hours before it disappears. With good use of the Instagram tools, you can create interesting and creative stories.

You can post recorded videos, live videos, static photos, texts, boomerangs on your Instagram stories. Stickers, hash tags and your location can be added as well. With the questions and slidings, you can have a question-and-answer section with your users. This gives you the chance to have feedback from your business followers.

Another good way to draw attention to your page is stories highlights. These highlights remain on your page unless you remove them.

Live video streaming

Instagram is a threshold not only for photos, but for videos too. A very good way to draw people’s attention to your brand is creating and streaming live videos regularly. Just like Stories, live videos also disappear. You can use live videos to give your audience a peep of exciting things about your business. Perhaps you want to display new products, live videos are good in displaying them for your audience to see.

Furthermore, you can make your videos to remain on your Instagram feed without it disappearing. To do this, upload the recorded video to your Instagram feed directly from your app. If you decide to shoot or upload a video, filters can still be added.

Keep in touch with other Instagram users

Communication is a two-way thing. Instagram is a medium of communication. As your followers interact with your Instagram posts, videos and photos, it will be fair and good in your own part to do interact with them too.

Below are the following ways you can engage with other Instagram users following you:

  • Liking: when you like your followers’ photos and videos, it shows you’re interested in their contents, just as they’re interested in yours too. To like a photo, simply double-tap or picture or click on the heart button beneath the post.
  • Tagging: Instagram enables you to add tags before posting a video or photo. To carry out this, click on “Tag people” before you share your content, then tap the place in the content (photo or video) where you want the tag to be added. You’ll then be prompted to search for the person’s account by typing their names in the search box. When you tag people in your photo and have it shared, other people can tap on the picture and view those you’ve tagged.
  • Messaging directly: this is the most personal and closest way of interacting with your followers. You can text, share photos and videos with your followers when you directly message them.

Hash tags

Instagram hash tags are the easiest of ways for Instagram users to find any content posted on Instagram. Good use of hash tags can attract more people to your business. When used well, it can boost the online presence of your business greatly.

Get acquainted with the professional use of hash tags. When you’ve found your way around it, you’ll discover how best to use them to promote your business.

Advertising on Instagram

Just like other social media platforms, you can advertise your products on Instagram and make good sales. There are three layouts for advertising on Instagram:

  • Photo ads.
  • Video Ads.
  • Carousel Ads.

Study and experiment the three formats to discover the one that’s best for your business.


Social media marketing grows everyday. There’s no limit to what can be learnt. The same goes for Instagram marketing. Get yourself updated with latest development in Instagram. With consistent online presence on Instagram platform, it’s only a matter of time before you know how to professionally promote your business using on the platform.

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