Do you know Maki, the app of Facebook and Messenger?

Do you know Maki, the app of Facebook and Messenger?

By carolc

Maki arises to solve the inconveniences represented by installing several applications on your cell phone. Some of these drawbacks are the use of a lot of memory space and excessive battery consumption.

And considering that the most used and installed applications are those of social networks like Facebook and Messenger, Maki includes them both in a single app.

In this way you can access your messages and all the information from these applications, in one place.

What is Maki?

Maki is a mobile app that allows you, in a practical and optimized way, to access all social networks from your device.

The application, in addition to incorporating the Facebook and Messenger apps, also allows you to access Instagram, Twitter and Reddit. In total, it brings together nine social networks in one place.

It also offers you the opportunity to customize your accounts, among many other functions.


  • It is a mobile app that gathers all your social media in one place.
  • The application can be downloaded for free.
  • It is compatible with Android devices, so you can get it from Google Play.
  • Takes up little memory space and consumes little battery.
  • It is easy to use. To switch from one social network to another, you just have to touch the header of the respective application.
  • Maki allows you to download videos from Facebook and photos from Instagram.
  • You can make video calls on Facebook.
  • Accept multiple Facebook accounts.
  • Gives you the option to disable Reddit and Facebook advertising.
  • Includes QuickBar so you can quickly access your social networks.
  • Offers QuickView function that allows you to view Maki content.
  • It has Facebook notifications.
  • Includes dark mode to make it easier for you to read at night.
  • It has the function of access code and fingerprint support, to protect your information.
  • Includes the option to mark notifications as read.
  • It makes it easy for you to close activities just by swiping them from left to right.

Maki, a light app with a good design

With a very attractive design, this app has a very light weight. It takes up less than 10 megabytes of your cell phone memory, which is much less than a typical social media app.

Taking up little memory space, Maki incorporates nine social networks, various themes for you to select, among other things.

Additionally, it saves the use of the battery and the web connection, and offers you a greater number of functions if you compare it with a standard app.

Maki’s main functions

Among the wide range of functions and facilities that this platform offers you, we describe the main ones.

Join Facebook and Messenger in one place

With Maki you will be able to enjoy Facebook and Messenger again in a single app. You will enjoy your publications, messages and notifications without having to change applications.

With Messenger Lite built into Maki, you can send text messages and make video and audio calls.

Multiple accounts

With Maki you will be able to use several Facebook accounts without any inconvenience. In this way you can manage your personal account, and that of your business or enterprise in a single app.

You can add as many profiles as you require. Maki has full support for multiple Facebook accounts.

Ad blocking

You can navigate Maki from one social network to another without being interrupted by annoying ads. The app allows you to completely block the appearance of advertising notes.

Data Protection

The application does not store or use your personal data. All the information concerning you travels directly to the servers of the Facebook team, without any kind of intermediary.

Security of your information

Maki offers you the password and fingerprint lock function. This with the idea that you properly protect all your data from third parties.

Dark mode activation

To protect your eyesight, to be able to view your social media information and chat at night, Maki includes dark mode.

You can set the dark mode to activate automatically at a certain time of the night. You can also set it to turn off on its own.

Another mode that you can also activate is AMOLED to save more battery. This mode is available on devices with an AMOLED screen, such as Samsung devices.

Download HD videos and photos

Maki allows you to download and save videos and photos to your smartphone easily. And no one will be notified of this.

On the other hand, the app supports Facebook videos in HD format, so you can enjoy Facebook Watch with great quality.

By downloading videos from Facebook you can share them wherever you want. You can also download and save photos and Instagram Stories, whenever you want.

Notification reception settings

With Maki you can get more control over Facebook and Messenger notifications.

The application allows you to define a period of silence, in which you will not receive any notification. You can also add some unwanted keywords for yourself to the blacklist, this way you will not receive notifications containing those words.

Customizing your feed

Maki offers you a wide range of options for you to customize your feed.

You can delete “Stories”, “Recommended friends”, among others.

You can also highlight or hide posts using keywords. For example, you can hide posts that include the keyword “snakes”, and highlight posts that include the keyword “dogs.”

You can also configure the latest news channels.

Make video and audio call

The app makes it easy for you to make audio and video calls through Messenger, so you can keep in touch with your family and friends.

Link preview

Maki presents you with a quick view or preview of the content of external links, so you know what they are about.

Integrated messenger

With the app you can make video calls and chat with your contacts without having to leave one application and enter another.

Personalization of your app

Maki provides you with a library of various colorful theme options, navigable panels, layouts, bookmarks, and more, so you can customize the appearance of your app.

Apply the design and color you want whenever you want, and enjoy a unique and original app.

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