Top apps for science students

Top apps for science students

By carolc

Studying science could be fun or a nightmare. It depends on your teacher. Many science students don’t enjoy the discipline most probably because of the approach used by their teachers. So, it’s very easy to give up and think science can never be enjoyed.

Truly, this would have been understandable, say, hundreds of years ago. But not this era. Thanks to technology, the storyline has been changed. Technology can be your first hand science teacher! Check out the internet. There are inexhaustible resources you can make use of to help you understand science better.

With your smartphone or tablet, there is nothing you want to learn in science that you’ll not find. Absolutely nothing! What’s more, science will be more fascinating and real to you. Those are goodies technology has for you. Doesn’t technology deserve a big hug?

There are hundreds of science apps you can download and install on Android and iOS devices. These apps are not only useful for students, they can be helpful even to helpful to teachers. Some of these apps can also be used to hone the scientific skills in children.

We’ll be checking out a collection of science apps that explore various science  branches such as physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy. Are you ready, scientists? Let’s experiment!

1. Cosmic-Watch

Are you a space lover? Perhaps you have this natural thrill for stars, planetary bodies and all, then Cosmic-Watch should be your best companion! This app uses clear and fantabulous 3D graphics to show the positions and movements of space objects. In other words, you’ll be seeing the relative movements space commoners in real time! Sounds cool, right? Yeah!

With Cosmic-Watch, understanding the intricacies of the universe, perhaps, has never been better. It is not your fault sometimes if you don’t grasp the realistic functioning of space objects. They are millions of miles away from you. Theories can make them more confusing to understand. But with Cosmic-Watch, you have the universe right under your fingertips!

Furthermore, this app allows you to “rearrange” the positions of planets, sun, moon and other celestial bodies to your own personalized view. One of the incredible features of this app is its realistic visualization and presentation of the universe in an easy-to-understand way.

Also, the app has a “sky view” feature that allows you to see larger stars and celestial bodies from your own location. The user-experience feature of this app makes it fun to use. If you’re a lover of geography, mathematics and physics, this app should be a joy bloomer for you. It is suitable for Android, iPhone and iPad.

2. Science Journal by Google

How about having a digital science book? Science journal is an app powered and brought to you by Google. The app provides useful scientific toolbox on their devices. Undoubtedly, Science Journal is a brilliant app for science. It keeps a record of the various scientific things you do.

Although it may not be enough for professional science researchers, the app is great for kids, students and science scholars. You can input records for science experiments, observation and progress. The app also uses sensors for data recording

Science Journal is  bundle pack of delight. It has light meters, built-in accelerometer and several other sensors for taking measurements of things around you. Google Play can be used to download other science apps like science ebooks, audiobooks and more. Science journal is suitable and free for Android, iPhone and iPad.

3. 3D Brain

3D brain, from its name, has medicals written all over it. Do you want to know more about the brain? This app will walk you through the breadth and length of the human brain. If you want to be ahead of the class, one step or more, 3D brain will help you out.

The app is especially helpful to medical students and practitioners. It is also for those with a flair for making extensive research on the subject matter of the brain. It is suitable for iPhone and iPad.

4. The Elements in Action

For fun-filled reading and comprehension of chemistry, The Elements in Action is a recommendable app. The periodic table is brought to a clearer and interesting perspective. The metallic and gaseous elements are colored to life with the footage addition of chemical elements filmed by Max Whitby, a winner of BAFTA awards.

All the elements in the periodic table are bubbling with lively activity. There’s a teaser video that shows the unique properties, characteristics and use of each element.  The app is suitable for upper elementary and middle-school students. The app can be used on iPhone and iPad.


Space lovers, this is another great space app for coming from NASA itself! This official NASA app will give you latest updates on space features, news and images from America’s space exploration agency. You can always be kept updated on the next space mission of NASA with this app.

Furthermore, you can stream NASA TV, checkout the latest launches, view a lot of beautiful space photos and so much more. You can save photos and videos to your  “favorites” for later watching or use them as your wall paper.

The app is useful for all science students, especially for those with special interest in mathematics, physics and geography. The app is suitable for Android, iPhone and iPad.

6. The Human Body by Tinybop

The study of the human body is the preoccupation of anatomy. If you want to have a clearer and detailed understanding of the mechanism and operation of the human body, then this app is the right call for you.  It is educative, fun and entertaining to use.

Furthermore, the app’s intense attention to details makes it very useful and encompassing. For instance, you’ll get to see what happens when a human is fed. The gurgling noise of the stomach and of the intestines are very exciting.

Language is not a barrier. It comes in 5 different languages. This app simply the best for understanding the human body. It is suitable for iPhone, iPad.


Take your scientific study and fun to the next level with science apps! Try out the listed apps here for an enjoyable and thrilling scientific learning experience.

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