Top digital marketing apps in 2020

Top digital marketing apps in 2020

By carolc

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Has the thought ever crossed your mind that your phone can be your company? Let’s rephrase that. Do you know you can set up a blooming business all online with your phone? Well, here is the goodnews – yes! It is very possible!

Many online business owners today run their business online using mobile phones. Although, desktop and laptops are still very much in use, mobile devices are gaining widespread popularity and use in online business lately.

There is an obvious reason why mobile technology is used widely by business owners. If you check around, everyone uses mobile phones on daily basis. Millions of people across the world spend a lot of their time using mobile technology. Since this is where people spend there time to access the internet, it is only a smart move to migrate over to mobile technology for an effective digital marketing.

Marketing using mobile apps

Your phone is a mini computer. It can perform many amazing tasks that are even beyond your expectation. The best way to enjoy the goodies of mobile technology is making use of apps. Yeah. Mobile apps!

Mobile applications are purpose-based software built to make it easy and convenient for mobile device users. When you get the right app for the right task, and you use it rightly, you shouldn’t be surprised at the amazing results you’ll get.

That is to let you know mobile apps are great tools designed to undoubtedly help you carry out your tasks efficiently when used rightly. There is virtually nothing around that you can’t find the app for. Be it education, health, security, just to mention a few, there are mobile apps for them all. Marketing is not exempted.

There are hundreds, no, thousands of mobile apps that can make marketing easy for you. Of course, you can’t try your hands on all of them. You don’t need that. All you need is knowing the right ones and using them. That’s all.

We’ll be checking out apps and tools that can help you set up your online business conveniently and productively. Ready? Let’s explore!

1. SEO Site Check Up

As a digital marketer, it’ll almost be a crime not to have at least heard the term “SEO”. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technology that ranks your online presence and makes it visible to your targeted audience. After all, you need people to see what you can offer them.

SEO matches your content with the relevant keywords of people searching for what you offer. If your content is SEO friendly, you’ll rank well on the SERP. To monitor the progress of your SEO and be one or more steps ahead of your competitors’ SEO, SEO Site Check Up is the right tool for you.

2. Quill Engage

Digital marketing is a vast world with many ins and outs. If you’re just starting up your online marketing, it can at first appear overwhelming and difficult to grasp. This tool can things quite simple for you.

You definitely would have heard of “Google analytics”. It is web tool for monitoring your website. Web tools for site monitoring is a must-have tool for every digital marketer. Google analytics can be difficult to interpret.  This is where Quill engage comes in. The app will help you to interpret analytics in plain and simple language.

3. Sprout Social

Social media platforms are places where you can get a huge percentage potential customers. You need to build and maintain good communication relationship with your targeted audience and customers on all your social media account.

Sprout social is social media profile manager. The app will help you to be in charge of comments, responses and engagements. In other words, this app will let you have good managerial hand over all your social media page, which is good for social media marketing.

4. Ox Essays

Flawless and engaging communication is the bedrock of digital marketing. Your content can either attract or repel people based on your communication style. If your writing is flawed here and there with grammatical abnormalities, disorganization, poor sentence formations, vagueness, and other communication flaws, it won’t present your business well.

For editing and proofreading your content, you need expert editors and proofreaders. Ox Essays gives you the chance to get these set of people to make your content error- free and engaging.

5. Google Analytics

There is a host of analytics tool around. They all are superb and useful, but your toolbox isn’t complete without having Google Analytics. It is a web tool every digital marketer should have. You just can’t afford not to have it.

Google Analytics is a free web tool powered by Google to help you monitor your site. With the tons of data that Google Analytics provide, you’ll know where you need improvement, you’ll know exactly where you need to direct your attention to.

Google Analytics will help you to make workable plans that are based on the reactions and activities of visitors to your website. Guess what, it’s free!

6. Mail Chimp

Email marketing is the one of the easiest and cheapest ways of reaching out to your potential customers. Email marketing is currently the third biggest online marketing strategy. Your online business can make good use of mailing tools for effective results.

Mail chimp is a remarkable platform used by many business owners, companies and organizations for email marketing and campaign. You can design simple but very effective email campaigns using mail chimp. If you want your online business to grow, mail chimp should be present in your tool box.

7. We Video

Video is part of what makes a content. Blog posts are no doubt essential, but videos too can attract your audience and boost your website’s liveliness. Of course, not just any videos can do that. You need to make quality videos.

We Video is a cool video app you can use for making and editing videos. You can share the videos to social media platforms for encouraging engagement. Such engagement can greatly promote your business.


Thanks to technology, digital marketing is evolving everyday. If you don’t keep up with the evolving pace, you will be lagging behind. It is important you get your hands working on helpful digital marketing apps and tools that can promote your business.

Digital marketing tools and apps are numerous. Apart from the seven listed here, you can expand your search zone to look for more. But the seven given here are great tools every digital marketer should have!

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