Top health apps to download in 2020

Top health apps to download in 2020

By carolc

Health remains the greatest wealth one could ever have. What makes life enjoyable and worth living is a healthy life. That is why it is everyone’s primary individual duty to see to their personal well-being on a daily basis.

Technology has greatly contributed to the enhancement and improvement of health status of millions of millions of people across the globe. A visit to the hospital or medical facilities will give you justifying proofs and evidence. Hardly can these modern medical facilities operate efficiently, accurately and successfully without the use of many technological tools and equipment.

Thanks to these technological equipment, a number of diseases can be thoroughly studied, understood, controlled and even be shown the exit door out of human race through procurement of powerful vaccination. Procuring this vaccination, of course, involves the use of technological tools, in one way or the other.

Moreover, health goes beyond the concept of not having physical pain or sickness. It is also concerned with your mental and social well-being. Therefore, an all-encompassing definition of health is the physical, social and mental wellness of an individual. It is important that you put these three stages of health into serious consideration everyday. An absence in one, equals imperfection and incompleteness of your overall health.

Technology for the benefit of your health

Many years back, you’ll need tons of cash to have access to some medical care, tips, advice and services. But now, technology has made things greatly convenient and easy for everyone. It has built little-big hospitals and medical facilities in smartphones!

Thanks to health apps, you can take care of physical, mental and social health life through the use of technology. The most amazing part of using these apps is almost too good to be true – these apps are free!

We’ll be checking some useful health apps you should download in the year 2020. If you are an enthusiast of fitness and good nutrition, these apps are specially for you. Ready? let’s explore!

1. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal app is one of the best health apps in the market. It is a recommendable fitness app that’ll help you to improve on your exercises. If you want to keep track of cogent things about your fitness, this app will do a great job in doing it for you.

The app keeps track of your calories, creating a log list of your exercise sessions. It also helps you to desist from unhelpful habits that can deter you from getting good fitness results.

Furthermore, one of the amazing features of My Fitness Pal is its Restaurant Logger. This function helps to keep track of your calories each time you eat. Also, the app is enabled to connect with your other different health monitoring apps and devices. The main goal is to have a detailed and synchronized record of all your workouts. Such tons of data overtime will let you see your level of progress, and allow you to make adjustments where and when necessary.

Added to all these functions are several other features that’ll definitely be resourceful. The app comes with a set of about 350 cardio and strength-building exercises. It also comes with over 6 million foods that you can consult to help you eat what is right and healthy regularly for the purpose of your fitness.

The basic version of My Fitness Pal is free. However, if you want to enjoy the full package of this app, you’ll have to buy the premium version.

2. Headspace

Physical fitness void of mental well-being is not cool. In fact, it’s a handicapped health. Physical fitness and well-being has its boundaries. It stops at the point of making you look good and fit. However, it doesn’t delve much to the health region concerned with how you feel. That’s where mental health comes in.

Your mental well-being is very important, perhaps, if not the  most important. If you had a hectic day and you’re tired, you need something to ease your mind. If you’re feeling depressed or anxious, and you need help, the recommendable app to use is Headspace.

Headspace is one of the best mindfulness apps in the market. The app comes with an incredible design that follows you up from the start to the gradual point of good mental well-being. From the start, it puts you through on how to properly meditate through its basic programs.

When you complete the basic programs, you can then opt-in to other areas of interest. You can pursue areas like depression, anxiety and other mental modules covered in this app. You’ll be learning how to do away with these mental disturbances.

3. YogaGlo

Yoga exercise has lots of benefits. It’s a tested and trusted mind and body-fitting exercise that serves as a therapy for healing the mind and body. Are you a Yoga fan? Then YogaGlo is for you! With YogaGlo, your Yoga exercise will be riding on a whole new level.

YogaGlo app has room for everyone. If you’re new to the world of Yoga, this app has a special place for you. It’ll take you on Yoga in easy ways that’ll help you understand. For the experts and big bosses in Yoga, YogaGlo has helpful goodies to spice up your training. In all, both newbies and professional Yoga individuals get to practice and learn Yoga at their convenient pace.

In addition, this app has a tremendous collection of Yoga videos users can download and watch later, if they’re not connected to a WIFI. YogaGlo is a flexible and customizable Yoga app you should check out for enhanced body fitness and therapeutic mind easing.

4. Fooducate

For the choosy and cautious individuals mindful of what they eat, Fooducate is the best food app to set things running up good for them.  With Fooducate, you have a good chance of getting a clear and precise nutritional routine. More so, with this app, you’ll know the right food to buy, anytime and anywhere.

The app comes with a bar-code that scans food and lets you know which food is still good or gone bad. When shopping, this app will come in handy. You’ll know which food item should go home with you or remain on the shopping rack.

In addition, Fooducate keeps a track record of the food you eat. It stores the data, analyzes it and gives you important feedback on the essential food nutrients you’re not taking. It does this through a pie chart. Maybe you run out of dinner plans and ideas, this app will help you out. It comes with a good number of healthy dinner recipes you can try out!


Healthy living doesn’t come by accident. It is a lifestyle that is largely choice-based. Keeping yourself fit and maintaining a good nutritional diet are among the best ways of ensuring physical, mental and even social well-being.

Remember, health is wealth. Add more to your wealth on a daily basis with the health apps recommended in this article. You’ll love them!

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