The Chinese Social Network is Conquering a New Space: The Automobile Counter

The Chinese Social Network is Conquering a New Space: The Automobile Counter

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TikTok seems to be ever-present. The social network is present with its peculiar narrative and an effective algorithm. This prompts us to see things that only it knows we need to see.

Starting in the fall of this year, TikTok will be featured on the screen of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The car will be equipped with an updated version of MBUX, and its Infotainment system will feature several applications, among which TikTok stands out. Contrary to what one might imagine, Mercedes-Benz is a brand sought after by several teenagers. Ola Källenius, the company’s CEO, described to TechCrunch:

“Let’s not forget that the average age of S-Class owners in China is about 40 years old or less. Once we choose the different apps, we go market by market or area by area. We look at which ones are the most used, songs, movies, etc., and try to download that list.”

How will the car version of TikTok work?

The car’s infotainment system will be displayed on a screen covering the entire board. Once the transport vehicle is stopped, both the driver and passengers will be able to view and interact with the social network movies. Passenger screens will show the movies even if the transport vehicle is in motion. The driver of the car will not be able to see them. This due to the design that gives him a reduced field of view. The system features other tools and applications such as Zoom, the Angry Birds game, the Vivaldi browser and a car selfie camera.

TikTok launches platform to help SMEs in Mexico

In a little more than a year, TikTok for Business has reached Mexico to empower big brands to advertise on the platform and impact a growing number of users. As China’s social network is a favorite more than anything else among members of Generation Z. Brands have embraced the platform and begun to consider it as an integral part of their digital marketing tactics. Now TikTok is reaching out to Mexican small and medium-sized organizations to grant them tools to communicate and participate on the platform.

Efraín Medicuti, director of Global Trade Resolutions at TikTok Mexico, described:

“We are excited to showcase TikTok for MiPimes, with this launch we want to give organizations of all sizes the same opportunities to promote their digital presence, innovate and connect with their audience.”

According to the executive, 44% of SMEs have difficulty marketing their businesses. The initiative is aimed at facilitating these tasks through the tools offered by the social network.

TikTok Ads Manager, now also for SMEs

The platform that TikTok makes available to small business owners is the same one revealed in August 2021. It is called TikTok Ads Manager and allows people to easily create ads with just a few taps on the screen. The platform explains that:

“It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny business, are responsible for marketing for a giant company, or are part of an agency team; we have the solutions you need to grow your business.”

To start advertising, SMEs must register and create a corporate account. Although the platform is simple and intuitive, TikTok provides customers with a sequence of tutorial video clips that will help them learn how to use the tool. You can view them at this link.

How TikTok works in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class?

  • The Mercedes-Benz E-Class will feature an updated version of the MBUX infotainment system, part of the MB.OS operating system.
  • Mercedes plans to release MB.OS on its next generation of vehicles, which is expected to hit the market by the end of 2024.
  • The newly updated MBUX system will have a super-screen that spans the entire enumerator. This will make watching video clips from the app more enjoyable.
  • Drivers will be able to click on the TikTok app and watch videos once they park their vehicle.
  • Passengers will also be able to join in the action, having access to a section of the screen located directly in front of them.
  • The passenger screen has a reduced field of view. This means that the driver will not be able to see the TikTok videos played on that screen, as a stability procedure.
  • A driver monitoring system will also keep track of gaze position.
  • Mercedes also makes Zoom video conferencing applications, Angry Birds, the Vivaldi web browser and Webex by Cisco accessible on the screen.
  • Mercedes has designed a completely new software architecture to make it easier to connect third-party applications to the infotainment system. It also has a brand new app store accessible through the Mercedes me app.

Finally, the last of tik tok and mercedes benz 

It is not necessary to have a TikTok account, because you can also enter as a guest

“As our goal is to enhance that experience for our users, we are delighted to partner with Mercedes-Benz to bring immersive entertainment into the car, which will offer our society more opportunities to enjoy the content they love,”

described the director. TikTok App Business Developer David Saidden.

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