There is a possibility for blind people to have vision with a bionic eye

There is a possibility for blind people to have vision with a bionic eye

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Both science and technology are advancing at high speed. Several drugs are being discovered thanks to the technology’s ability to analyze increasingly smaller microorganisms, in addition to tests being done faster and more accurately.

Researchers from all over the world have worked to make our day-to-day lives more and more comfortable in addition to helping those who have some kind of limitation.

Many of the fictions we see in films, it is now possible to dream of having in reality. One of those ideas is a blind person seeing again. Have you ever thought about how challenging this must be?

It is this question that researchers from the United States and Hong Kong are studying and developing. These scientists created from these countries created a partnership to develop a synthetic eye so that it is possible to do activities for real.

Through sensors that mimic the photoreceptors of the retina of the eye, the project that will make these functions relevant to the vision, realize the fact that people who have some kind of deficiency or who have a problem caused in the eyes, have the possibility to return to see.

The biomimetic eye project

This project was called “biomimetic eye” by researchers, this bionic organ relates the current technology to the design of nature. A hemispheric artificial retina and several sensors have been developed that have the efficiency to analyze and retransmit to transmit what is being seen live.

Until that part of the project, it was one of the least complex parts, the most difficult was to implement a way that makes the brain understand that there is an artificial eye that does the same functions that have the same iteration that it would have with a real eye.

With the advance of medicine, it is possible to replace several important parts of the body with artificial parts to save someone’s life or improve the lives of individuals, thus extending people’s lives. However, especially in the case of the eyes, it is an extremely complicated process.

The way the eye exchanges information with the brain is extremely complicated, and is a major challenge for researchers. According to the British website DailyMail, it still needs to be tested on living beings to verify its effectiveness. However, this is yet to be tested a few years from now.

At the moment, it is only possible to generate images with a lower resolution, it is possible to show letters of the alphabet, but it is not yet able to show images with high complexity, for this, the density needs to be more advanced of the sensors.

There are greater chances with new technologies

Improvement is still needed in the hardware used so that the sensors are as efficient and delicate as the real ones are. It is also necessary to better understand how communication is done.

With the emergence of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is possible that in a few years, it will be able to carry out tests on people who have a problem.

The scientists who are in this development say that in a short time the sensor technology will improve to the point of being able to increase the density of the sensors and thereby increase the resolution similar to that of a human eye.

The main study is focused on people who have a vision problem, but in the future, the intention of this development may change. The idea of ​​being used in robots is being considered.

The application in addition to recovering vision, can also be used on machines. This can generate a lot of insecurity, since AI devices together with a great view, will give the machine a high power if there is no great control of the algorithms.

This may be something that cannot be avoided in the future, as machines are increasingly more modern and outperforming humans in a task. But, the main focus is to give the gift of seeing those who dream every day of that moment.

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