These are the new trends coming to Tiktok

These are the new trends coming to Tiktok

By dayannastefanny

TikTok, backed by international research, has established three macro trends that will help the social network in 2023. They will be active entertainment, creating exciting spaces and building social goals.

New Tiktok trends

1. Make happy places

Since this epidemic, society has had to rebuild their working methods, their methods, and their interests, and most have come to the same conclusion: they want to create a real and strong place by 2023, and for that, they want to emphasize the message of happiness from all sides. TikTok users can completely identify themselves. The Internet provides them with an atmosphere of communication and they can tell a story without forgetting that it has an opportunity for marketers who want to find their audience. A total of 92 users showed positive comments after watching the video on TikTok. An interesting event, which often ended up making it out of the social network.

2. Active entertainment

The era of click bait is over. Consumers are dogged by thumbnails and videos that start with “wait for the end” to generate a call to action. By 2023, marketers need to provide more incentives to their followers, this encourages attention-grabbing, trust-building videos.

Getting people’s attention is based on the entertainment generated by a video. Each of TikTok’s ads is considered entertaining when they project fun, are personalized, and give a hopeful message to the viewer. Undoubtedly, these are innovative aspects that are ideal for promoting success in the application, as it is content that is backed by solid production and therefore, will sell better.

Advantages of Tiktok

TikTok is growing faster than previously thought. In addition, it is estimated that each user spends about an hour a day on the application to create, share or watch videos. These facts highlight the benefits of integrating TikTok into e-commerce.

  • This allows you to reach smaller audiences: TikTok is the perfect tool to reach new audiences. This means that for brands targeting this type of audience, TikTok is perfect for getting the message across. It’s always growing:
  • this social networking site is growing, therefore, investing in TikTok advertising means reaching new audiences and audiences.
  • It has different formats: TikTok offers a variety of ad formats, making it easy to adapt to your company’s objectives.
  • It allows you to promote an entertainment product or service: If there’s one thing that defines TikTok, it’s unusual. The majority of the audience is young and wants entertainment and a cool, intimate sound, so TikTok advertising should be there.
  • Here’s how to open up new markets: TikTok advertising is great for companies looking to sell internationally, as the social network has grown to over 150 countries. You can work with developers: In all social networks, influencers play an important role in social media and TikTok is no exception. A company or brand can use an influencer that offers the same value or compares the image of their product or service to promote it.
  • Marketing on TikTok is very different from marketing on other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, as the platform is also different. However, for brands that want to reach a younger audience and provide a casual, fresh, and intimate look and feel, this is the right choice, as TikTok is a website that can help with this.
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