Tips for enhancing your video calls

Tips for enhancing your video calls

By carolc

With few modifications to your video calls, they will be much more attractive and more professional. One of the effects that this pandemic ended up having was the need to see who we like through videos.

If you still have difficulty adapting to this technology, we separated simples tips that will make you and your environment more enjoyable.

There is no need to make technological investments or need advanced devices. With small changes it is possible to make a professional video call.

Video call brought people together

Nowadays, it is very common for us to talk with our family members, with people we like and even at meetings of the work done with people from all over the world through video calling.

There are several applications and social networks that we use that does this kind of function. People of all ages can interact using this tool.

The use of this tool is so important that the growth in the year 2020, several platforms had an extraordinary increase in the use of this resource.

For example, Microsoft analyzed that there was a 70% in its users, that is, it increased more than the half that it already had. On other platforms, such as Skype, for example, the number of users has more than doubled. From one month to the next, there was an increase of 220%.

One of the most used apps by app users, WhatsApp had a 76% increase in their video calls this year.

Improve your video call

Basic rules such as keeping your face well lit, tidying up the room where the call will be made, so that no animals appearing improperly, leaving the place clean to make a good impression can indeed make all the difference.

Let’s see how in a few simple steps we can make a much better call and with a more organized environment to make a good impression on the videos.

Be in a quiet environment

First attitude to become is to analyze the microphone and the camera is working properly. Record some audios to see if the pitch is good, if it’s coming out clearly, if you’re not speaking too fast, do the tests to see if everything is right.

Another very important point is to ensure that the camera is working properly. The image must be clear and see the face well. Nobody likes to be talking and not being able to look the person in the eye. Make sure the camera is at a good angle.

In addition to these details, it is important that the environment is silent. Of course, external factors on the street are inevitable, but internally need to be as calm as possible.

So look for a room, a moment that has few people at home, an office that can make a video call with stability and quality.

Use a clean, clear background

The location needs to be clean and clear for those who will be viewing. If you have a background that can get in the way of making the video call, you can zoom in and focus only on you.

Make sure the place is clean, that there is no food mark on the shirt, that there is no coffee on the table, these details are very important.

It is very pleasant when you have in the background, arts, plants, books and organized form. It is important that the background does not have a lot of brightness and very strong colors, as it may happen that the attention goes to that part instead of you.

Focus on the camera

As with a face-to-face conversation, it is very important that you keep your focus on the camera at eye level or just above your shoulders, so that the focus is upwards towards the camera.

If the camera goes down, you will have to tilt your head and this can impair your voice. If you don’t have a place to put your cell phone, improvise with books or support to film.

The video call can be long, make sure you are comfortable and that you will not be in pain, as it can be unpleasant outside the time to move around to adjust.

Be close to the camera

Being close to the camera is very important for you to be able to have a focused conversation, so it is good that it is visible only from the shoulders up.

This detail is important, as people will be able to see your eyes and also your expression. If it is a family moment, nothing better than seeing the smile of those we love and also the emotion of being able to kill homesickness.

If it is a video with the people of the company, it is good that they analyze the facial expressions to know if they are understanding about the subject, if they are following the reasoning.

As well, you will also be able to see how people are reacting on the subjects you are talking about. And you will know whether or not they like what is being said.

These are very simple tips, but they completely change a virtual conversation. Because of all this change in our daily lives, we are very distant from the people we like and also from interactivity with people at work.

So it is good that the details are perfect so that the experience is great and pleasant for everyone.

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