Facebook for business: what you should know

Facebook for business: what you should know

By carolc

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Facebook is a social media platform where every business should be. Having a record of over 2.27 billion monthly members, the platform can be used by small startup businesses for service promotion, recognition and online marketing boost.

Optimizing Facebook for business can be a very daunting task. Many small business owners often use the exit door when they are faced with some Facebook marketing difficulties. A candid reason for this is the regular changing of Facebook’s rules and algorithms.

However, these shouldn’t scare you away. With the right tactics and marketing strategies, coupled with a ready mind, Facebook will pay your business off immensely. Facebook is one of the top social networking site in the world for getting connection to the targeted audience a business needs to be successful.

Businesses are created to provide products and services that satisfy the need of people. Imagine a calculator brand visiting an art school to sell their products. If the brand will sell at all, it’ll be drastically low. Why? Well, it’s as clear as day. The brand is approaching the inappropriate audience!

A business will be at its low base if it’s not exposed to the right audience. Using Facebook for your business will greatly connect your business products and services to the right audience or category of people that will most likely be interested in what you have to offer.

Facebook has tons of data about its users, making the platform to know a lot about its users. With this wealth of information, Facebook can promote your business and take it to a greater height when you purchase ads.

To the question of the day, how can you use Facebook to your business advantage? We’ll be checking that out. Ready? Let’s learn!

Create a Facebook page

Creating a Facebook page is the first important step. This should not be confused with a Facebook profile. Your Facebook profile is a personal account for sharing your personal information with family and friends. It is the other way round with Facebook page.

Facebook page is a public profile for sharing posts and contents to fans, customers and the general public. It is the page suitable for business promotions and boost. To create a Facebook page, you must first have a personal profile account.

When creating a Facebook page, you’ll be required to provide some information pertaining to your business.  You’ll be asked to give page description, business name, phone number and address. You can upload profile picture and photos. It is at your discretion.

It is very important that you include necessary and helpful information about your business. This will allow your customers to easily locate and connect your business.

Page sections

You can add the following sections to your page. It will help your customers understand your business products and services better:

  • About: Give a concise description of your business. This part should contain information such your address, contact information and website URL.
  • Community: This section is where photos and pictures from your customers are displayed. It give room for your interaction with your customers, and also making them understand your business better.
  • Events:  You can create and event and do promotion of upcoming events in this section. When you create an event on Facebook, you can invite people and disseminate information about the event in one place.
  • Home: This is the first section that your followers see when they come to your page. It is the store ground for all your updates and posts.
  • Info and Ads: This section is for showing transparency as well as letting your followers know any ads you’ll be running.
  • Offers: You can drop offers and discounts in this section. This is the perfect place to attract more followers to your page.
  • Photos: This section is the store house of for all your posts, timeline photos and updates.
  • Reviews: Customers can comment on your products or services here, and have them  recommended.

Facebook marketing practices

After creating your Facebook business page, the real marketing work now begins. It is time for you to write engaging contents that’ll promote your business. Your content must be on a regular basis.

Here is how to market your business with your content, using your Facebook business page:

Timely response to messages

Responding to the messages of your followers is as important as your business itself. People love to be treated well. You have to respect that. Giving quick and engaging response to messages can make your followers like your business, as they’ll see that you have time for them. You can use Facebook messenger

Use insights to determine the progress of your campaigns

It is essential to monitor your page’s progress. You should have a way of monitoring the activities that’s going on your page. Facebook insight is like Facebook’s Google analytics. It allows you to see important information concerning your page activities such as page views, actions taken, number of post engagements, the number of people you’ve reached, and so on.

One glaring function of Facebook insight is the useful information it gives you. You can use the information to check the success of your campaign and how to make more engaging posts.

Know your target audience

Facebook has targeting tools you can use to target your audience. You can base the target on specific age group, demographics, locations or interest group. Knowing your audience and targeting them with Facebook targeting tools will yield promising results.

Be personal and relatable

Although your business page is for business promotion, but it’ll be actually be productive if you can tone down the salesy and move closer with your followers through interesting and engaging posts. Everything shouldn’t just be one-way traffic advertisement. When you engage your followers in a warm and acceptable manner, you can be sure that it’ll promote your business far more better than advertisement.

Use facebook ads

Purchasing Facebook ads is one of the fastest ways to reach your targeted audience with Facebook. Although, it’ll cost you money, the payment will eventually pay you off. You can choose daily or overall budget for ads. You can also choose the time duration of an ad and make necessary adjustment to your targeted audience.


Facebook is a remarkable platform for promoting your business online. Take your business to the next leve using Facebookl with the tips given here, as well as others you’ll discover yourself in the long run.

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