Tips for Selecting Domestic Flow Control Valves

Tips for Selecting Domestic Flow Control Valves

By Redazione

In most systems and processes flow control valves accurately control the flow rate of the liquid or gases. This is the reason for their wide use in domestic and industrial applications. Today, these electronic flow control valves are available everywhere around us, in homes, industries, hospitals etc. Numerous types, shapes and sizes of valves are available in the market. Each valve has its characteristics and is designed for a specific purpose and place where it outperforms. 

These valves are commonly used in various applications and systems but it’s still a difficult task to choose the right valve for the job that you want to perform through it.

Here we have listed some useful tips to choose the right pneumatic flow control valve:

Choose the Right Construction Material:

The first factor that you should consider while choosing the electronic flow control valve is the construction material of the valve. The material of the valve matter a lot in getting the desired performance from the valve. The material has to come in contact with the passing fluid. That’s why, it should be constructed with a strong material that can bear the hits of the fluid such as the water hammering effect. Read the specification of the valve and consider the valve components that have to be in contact with the passing fluid such as the body of the valve, valve seat and the other valve components. 

Consider the Operating Pressure and Temperature:

Before making a purchase check out the operating pressure and temperature of the electronic flow control valve. It will help to determine whether the place where you want to use it will be suitable for this valve or not. With the help of this knowledge, one can easily determine how much pressure and temperature the valve can bear. 

Degree of Control: 

It’s crucial to determine the degree of control that you need to have over the fluid flow rate while choosing a flow regulator valve. Because this will help you to determine whether the valve can deliver the desired control over the flow rate or not. In this way, one can determine which valve will deliver the precise control and expected results in a specific system.

Consider the Flow Characteristics:

Don’t forget to consider the inherent flow characteristics of the electronic flow control valve that you are going to choose for your domestic use. Remember that each valve has a different flow characteristic. This characteristic shows the relationship between the valve position and the change in the flow rate. It defines how the change in the valve position changes the flow rate. 

Valve Sizing: 

If the size of the air flow control valve will be larger than the required size then it will be difficult to maintain the required flow rate. A small change in the valve position will have a greater effect on the flow rate of the fluid. Having an oversize valve will create difficulty for the operator in maintaining the required flow rate. That’s why it’s necessary to use the right valve size as per the need of the system. 

Final Words:

Today, flow control valves are widely used in various applications but it’s still difficult to choose the right electronic flow control valve. In this regard, the above-listed tips are very helpful. 


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