Top 5 of new PlayStation games

Top 5 of new PlayStation games

By dayannastefanny

It seems that Destiny Guardians 2 is having a lot of fun with their spaceships and weapons with cool names and their impossible background story (again) is under attack, and it’s Zavala’s bad job to gather an army through a new human companion, that can defend a giant, white ball and elegant since February 28.


At Goodbye Volcano High, graduating from high school is literally like the end of the world. This narrative adventure game follows the exploits of Fang and his friend Lizard as they navigate their final days of high school through an uncertain future. Talk to your friends, make decisions, design your band logo, and look for your latest single as you fight to decide what kind of future you want in a world that may not exist for long. They’re dinosaurs, not so many rights now unless you count chickens and alligators). Check it out on June 15.

Your ears don’t fool you. This is JK Simmons narrating this new trailer for Baldur’s Gate 3. It doesn’t matter because I’m going to do what I want with every opponent I meet in Faerûn. Baldur’s Gate 3 launches for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on August 31. Not enough is known about the adventure game Chiaun, which seems to be inspired by the coolest and faintest pieces of Breath of the Wild. In this latest trailer, a brave girl climbs trees, drives a catamaran through crystal clear waters, uses a little magic to inhabit a dolphin’s human body, and explores coral reefs. We’ll know more when Chia launches on March 21.

As a millennial, it’s hard to swallow. Naruto has been around for over 20 years. I was in college when Shippuden came out. (Kids these days don’t know how much they own it. Do you remember waiting months for the filler episodes for Shippuden’s release? ) Now that I have grown up with my children, it has become an even more stormy game. Naruto x Boruto Connections Ultimate Ninja Storm will be released in 2023, featuring characters from Naruto’s 20-year history and allowing players to relive the full story of the program, starting with “ROCKS” for anyone… anyone. Not as good as Far Far Away from Asian Kung-Fu Generation).

Capcom is slowly introducing all the characters we can expect in Street Fighter 6. So far the elegant Kimberly or the fun Jamie. Cammy and Zangief return on this state-of-the-art hunt, and Lily, the air-controlled Indian hunt, makes her first appearance. I appreciate the brunette girls Capcom made available at Street Fighter 6, and I appreciate Zangief, the human wall. We hope to see more brunette girls and muscular men when Street Fighter 6 launches on June 2.


1. Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty | March 3

Team Ninja, creators of Nioh and Nioh 2, rereturnsith a new action masterclass that mixes story and fantasy. In this dark perspective of the later Han dynasty, three kingdoms are threatened by both humans and demons, and each can be defeated by you, the anonymous warrior.

2. Fatal Frame: Lunar Eclipse Mask | March 9

Explore the mysteries of Rogetsu Island as Misaki and Madoka return to discover the strange series of incidents that happened to them eight years ago. The fourth game in the popular Fatal Frame series, Mask of Lunar Eclipse, is a haunting narrative-centric survival horror story with unique confrontation mechanics and chilling supernatural themes.

3. Resident Evil 4 | March 24

The legendary 2005 survival horror experience is completely updated with an incredible new version built from the ground up. Six years after the events of Resident Evil RE:2, Leon Kennedy, the head of the Raccoon City Police Department, is sent to a rural European town to investigate the President’s missing daughter. What he found there was nothing like what he would have faced before.

4. EA SPORTS PGA Tour 2023 | 24 March

Become a true legend of golf in the majors with the latest installment of the EA SPORTS PGA TOUR series. Perfect your game and build your career with a game of fully customizable pro golf with the new Pure Strike technology that offers a unique golf swing with a dynamic feel and realistic results at all times.

5. Street Fighter 6

Capcom’s slowly drip-feeding us all the characters we can expect in Street Fighter 6. So far, we’ve seen old favorites like Ken and Chun-Li while we’ve been introduced to new characters like the stylish Kimberly and the fun-loving Jamie. In this newest crop of fighters, Cammy and Zangief return, and the indigenous wind-controlling fighter Lily appears for the first time I gotta say, I appreciate the brown girls Capcom’s putting in Street Fighter 6, and I depreciate the wall of man that is Zangief. Here’s hoping we get more brown girls and mumusclemenhen Street Fighter 6 launches on June 2nd.


Unfounded rumors suggest that a new PlayStation State of Play broadcast will be released sometime this week; however, the alleged plans could change due to ongoing issues between Russia and Ukraine. This particular rumor follows in the footsteps of another XboxEra host, Nick Baker, who recently claimed that an unannounced broadcast of State of Play in March 2022 could trigger quite a few important news. As expected, both professionals and fans have speculated that such an event could finally reveal the release date of the long-awaited review of Santa Monica. God of war: Ragnarök.

Sony presented its latest State of Play broadcast on February 2, offering a 30-minute transmission, Enorme Turismo 7, an intense dive focused on the newest Polyphony Digital racing simulator. But the historic presentation full of new revelations and the like has not left Sony headquarters since the PlayStation Showcase in September 2021, where the company lifted the veil on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Insomniac Games’ Wolverine. This special presentation also marked the first time fans enjoyed action footage from God of War: Ragnarok. If another PlayStation Show with significant consequences approaches, fans of the brand could be in luck.

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