What are the best cloud storages?

What are the best cloud storages?

By dayannastefanny

If you are exclusively looking for the best providers, we have ranked our top 5 in the category of capacity, price, security, cleanliness of use, and much more, and you can find out our conclusions by just scrolling down the page.

5 best cloud storage services

  1. MEGA

Mega is one of the most popular options and has a lot of storage space available for free. This allows you to download up to 50 GB without paying anything. It also offers multiple downloads and full content management. This is one of the most used options by users. It is undoubtedly very interesting to deal with heavy backups and have all files always available from anywhere, plus competitive and interesting payment plans if you use this service a lot. These prices are very interesting if you need a lot of storage per year since for 20 euros per month you can have 8 TB of storage. Compared to other services, if you need a lot of storage space, Mega is the best to rent, if you need a small space, close to others.

  1. KOOFR

Koofr is an alternative that few people know about, but it has many interesting options. We can hire flexible plans and even hire the 1TB capacity version, to store files of all kinds and have them always available. The 1TB version of cloud storage is only 10€ per month, in addition, we can upload files with no maximum size limit (the maximum would be the contracted capacity), this is perfect for many content creators where their videos take up much space. In addition, we have extensions for the web browser or to create automated backups from the mobile.

  1. NextCloud

NextCloud is also popular. It is a cloud storage service that has many users and offers different options to connect our files online. It is also designed primarily for businesses and user groups. It has several security features that may be of interest to you. NextCloud is just a file and folder integration software, if you install it on a remote VPS server, you will have a very powerful contract VPS server. The same is true if you put it on a NAS server. Nextcloud is a private cloud where you have to organize everything, but it is highly recommended if you want to have the freedom to choose a server and/or service provider.

  1. MediaFire

If you choose the professional version of Mediafire for home users, you can get 1 TB of storage for as little as $5 per month, or $3.75 per month if you pay annually. The latter option is very competitive as it has the lowest 1TB price we’ve seen.

If you want more, Mediafire offers 100TB for $50/month, or $40/month if you sign up for a year. This certainly exceeds the amount of storage required, so you’ll be able to store all your photos and backups without worrying about available space.

  1. OneDrive or Office 365

Another Microsoft version is OneDrive. As in the previous case, it does not stand out as free storage, since it only offers 5 GB. However, it is a widely used option by users and also has many programs with which we can increase the possibilities. Especially for those who use Outlook as their email client, OneDrive is an option worth considering.

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