Which apple watch should you buy?

Which apple watch should you buy?

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Which apple watch should I buy?

Apple has always been characterized by its technological innovations for that reason the smart watch series 8 has the same look as the series 7 these designs are elegant and beautiful and for this reason, we are going to compare the series 8 and series 7 and you could choose according to your needs which one suits you better.

What are the features of the 8 series?

It has a 1.99-inch display, with a design similar to the 7 series, its size is 47 mm can be found in colors like midnight silver red and starlight, battery life has 18 hours without low power mode in the case of having low power mode the battery life will have 36 hours, with the price can vary from 399 and 499 this if you want with GPS cellular variant, brings new software features,  finally, the operating system of the watch is OS 9.

What are the features of the 7 series?

Its design has variants of aluminum stainless steel titanium with a slightly curved screen its monitor has 191 inches its size varies between 45 mm and 41 mm, you can find me in red colors and already midnight and be like the same as the series 8 its battery lasts between 18 hours, has an operating system watch or 8 and with the price can be found starting from 399

What are the specifications of the Apple watch SE?

It has a much larger display than the Series 3 with 30% larger its design is a flat screen, and a stainless-steel structure has a size of 44 mm or 40 mm its colors are the same as the series 7 and series 8, has a battery of 18 hours the operating system of this watch is 28 and can be found with a price of 279

What are the main differences between the Apple watch?

Well among the differences between them are 8 and 7 of the temperature sensors that also handle the battery capacity the one that has a better battery is the series 8 some software functions are new how it is the pressure control detection of diabetes or accidents, plus the series 7 and 8 will charge much faster than the SE, on the other hand, the SE lacks some features compared to the Series 7 and the customized S5 SoC.

Note: In case you own a 3 series the best option is a 7 series as it is very adaptable to the features of the previous one.

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