You can reset your PIN if you forgot it

You can reset your PIN if you forgot it

By dayannastefanny

Currently, most technology-related companies make various authentication and security methods available to us. Among these, we find Microsoft with its Windows 10 and Windows 11, where we see several of these systems to access the software.

How to reset the PIN after logging in?

If what we want is to be able to reset the PIN once we have logged in, we must follow the steps below, depending on whether we use Windows 10 or Windows 11. They are similar, but we indicate the steps to follow depending on whether we use one operating system or another.

In Windows 10

If we have logged on to Windows 10, we can change or reset our PIN access to our user account. To do this we must open the windows Settings page, using the Windows + i keyboard shortcut.

Once the Settings screen appears, we must access the “Accounts” section. Once here we must look at the column on the left and select the section “Options of session beginning”. Subsequently, we must click on the option of “Windows Hello PIN”, to initiate a session in our Microsoft account. Then, it will ask us to verify our identity by means of an e-mail message. Once received we must select “I have a code” and write the code we have received by email.

Finally, a new screen will appear to configure a new PIN, type it, and confirm the operation to have it available for use. This is something that can be very useful on many occasions, especially if at any given time from time to time we want to reset this security feature.

In Windows 11

If we use Windows 11 as our operating system, to reset the PIN we must look for the menu Configuration, where we press the combination of keys Windows + I. Subsequently, we click on the Accounts section that we find in the right column on the left. Now in the right section, we click on the “Login Options” section.

In the new screen that appears, tap on the PIN (Windows Hello) section. Then click on “I forgot my PIN” so it will ask us to enter our password. Finally, we just need to enter a new PIN and confirm it with the option to include letters and symbols. When you are done, click OK and the PIN code will be changed correctly.

Reset PIN in Windows without logging in

If we forget the PIN, we will not be able to recover it, but we can change it. Suppose we already entered a password for your Microsoft account, so a PIN will make logging into devices faster. So, if for some reason our Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC is blocked from remembering this PIN, the first thing we should do is head to the login screen.

If we are not logged in, it is possible to change the login PIN. After the login screen appears, we may have the option “I forgot my PIN code” now, or it may not be displayed, so depending on this, we must do something.

I can’t reset the PIN in the Login Options

  • Restart the computer periodically
  • To install updates from Windows Update
  • Configuration of antivirus and recently installed programs
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