You will get to play through Diablo IV’s prologue and the entire first act

You will get to play through Diablo IV’s prologue and the entire first act

By julianapardogonzalez

As you just read in the title, today we will talk about Blizzard’s video game, Diablo IV. Since it has been in the news for the launch of the beta test of its open world. Which will be available in a few weeks.  

The beta tests     

The first access will be accessible on Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. And it will take place from March 17 to 19. While the rest of the people will have to wait for the following weekend, that is, from March 24 to 26.  

This information was released on Saturday, February 18 at IGN’s Fan Fest, where Blizzard announced the test, commenting that you will be able to “intimately explore” the beginnings of Diablo IV, including the game’s prologue and all of Act 1, which takes place in the Fractured Peaks. While you will only be able to go up to level 25, you will be able to traverse the snowy landscape, complete quests and slay demons for as long as you want. 

Blizzard also warns that you may encounter performance issues while playing, but notes that it will use any feedback to make its final adjustments before the game’s expected release on June 6. 

Promotional campaign 

As expected, Activision Blizzard is already putting its promotional campaign at the service of all of them, thanks to which they will have access to an open beta and now also to a series of videos that take them into the game. 

In these videos, called “Inside the Game“, different members of the Diablo IV development team will be showing the most important aspects of the game. The first chapter is already published and is dedicated to Sanctuary, the open world in which this arduous struggle between angels and demons takes place. 

This is the macabre world of Sanctuary in Diablo IV 

In this first short film, several of the people responsible for Diablo IV, such as the mission designer and the Diablo IV director, explain that Sanctuary is a huge world where there is always something new in every area, such as hordes of enemies, towns to take refuge in, resources to collect, events, quests and much more. 

According to IGN, this is just one of a good deal of cinematic we will see throughout the game, which will insert your custom character into various scenes, no matter how “creative” you decide to get. 

It is also shown that the world of Sanctuary consists of five unique and distinct zones: 

  • Adust Steppes: is a mountainous desert region. 
  • Hawezar: a swampy area located to the south. 
  • Kehjistan: is an arid desert area with vast sand dunes. 
  • Scosglen: inspired by Scotland; the Broken Peaks are inspired by the Carpathian Mountains. 

Any of these areas can be visited on foot or on a mount and the team guarantees that it will be done without loading times. 

In the game, or at least in the beta test, it will be possible to see that the monsters are divided into families and that each one offers a different combat through unique abilities. All of them will be present in the various activities that can be performed in Sanctuary, such as forts, secondary quests, dungeons with keys, quests, world bosses or invasion events, among others. 

There are still months to go before the release of Diablo IV, but fans have June 6 on their calendars, as this is the scheduled release date for the game. And this trickle of videos is going to be fascinating for those players who want to know the game in depth before acquiring it and even for those who already want to have it in their hands.

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