Finally, it is Here the Human and Orc Heritage Armor

Finally, it is Here the Human and Orc Heritage Armor

By julianapardogonzalez

After such a long time, WoW finally brings us to the patch 10.0.7 update new dynastic armor for orcs and humans, among many other things. So, I invite you to sit down and read us to know what is to come in this small but exciting content patch. 

Dynastic Armor for Orcs and Humans 

We start with fans playing as the poster children of the Alliance and the Horde in Blizzard’s MMORPG finally get their long-awaited legacy armor quest lines will soon be able to sport some exclusive new armor invoking the long history of both races in Azeroth.  

It is believed that unlocking the set will work similarly to Heritage Armor sets in the past, with players needing to reach exalted reputation with the respective racial faction to unlock a short quest chain that will give you the armor set. 

For the announcement of Dragonflight patch 10.0.7 in the Blizzard blog they showed the first look at the new Heritage Armor sets that will head to the game’s public test realm soon. 

  • The human set 

It looks to take inspiration from the armor of fallen Alliance king Varian Wrynn, with a large shoulder piece depicting something that look like an eagle or a gryphon. 

  • The orc armors 

It is features plenty of spikes and skulls, as it is fitting for the race that founded the Horde. Also, Blizzard in a forum post, confirmed that there will be additional variations for each armor set that will be revealed later. 

In addition, this patch will bring latest content for max-level players in the dracthyr starting zone The Forbidden Reach, a reward refresh for the game’s recruit-a-friend system, and the ability for more races to play as Monks. 

Returning to the Forbidden Reach 

Although beta players never saw the content, Blizzard clarified early in the beta that the Dracthyr starting area was not just a level experience. 

But then, what kind of content are we going to get? First, let us explore the story and learn more about what happened to Dracthyr Evoker and what happens to them now that Raszageth has been defeated. This area will now feature max level content for players to enjoy and will delve into what was left after the Primalists wreaked havoc on the area. The area will feature new bosses and objectives, as well as a new storm location and many new elements. From the looks of it, this will be a new quest hub area. And will be full of World Quests on a schedule of two restarts a week. 

Have We Dated to Expect the Update? 

Even, when Blizzard did not detail when fans can expect the update to arrive, but going by a previously released 2023 content roadmap, it looks like patch 10.0.7 is slated to arrive sometime this spring. Meanwhile, patch 10.0.5, which introduced the new bazaar feature and the ability to transmogrify white and gray quality objects, was released at the end of January. 

What can we expect from Blizzard for WoW? 

One of Blizzard’s goals for WoW in 2023, it is more frequent updates adding meaningful content. For example, with the game’s latest expansion slated to receive six updates, including two major ones, over the course of the year. 

On the other hand, sadly for the Chinese WoW fans are unable to play the game for the near future following a shutdown of Blizzard game services in China. 

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