YouTube Shorts: The Shortcut to Finding New Customers

YouTube Shorts: The Shortcut to Finding New Customers

By auroraoddi

If you’re an entrepreneur or a marketing professional looking for new ways to reach a wide customer base, you can’t ignore the power of YouTube Shorts. Our recent research has shown that YouTube Shorts has quickly become the most widely used short-form video platform in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) for discovering new products and brands. Let’s explore how YouTube Shorts is revolutionizing how people discover and interact with brands, offering a new shortcut to success.

This article is inspired by the official Think With Google page.

YouTube Shorts: Entertainment that Converts

Research conducted earlier this year by Google, in collaboration with Cint and Differentology, revealed that people are turning to YouTube Shorts more and more to satisfy their entertainment and research needs. The short format offers fast-paced and engaging content, but what truly sets it apart is its ability to hold viewers’ attention, prompting them to explore content further to discover new brands and products.

YouTube Shorts: The Power of Sponsored Content

A surprising finding from our research is that sponsored content on YouTube Shorts is gaining popularity at an impressive rate. 53% of GenZ participants reported making purchases after seeing influencer-sponsored content on short video platforms. This demonstrates that, when executed well, sponsored ads can be effective tools for engaging consumers.

From YouTube Shorts to Long-Form Videos on YouTube

After discovering new brands and products through YouTube Shorts, many viewers move on to long-form videos on YouTube for more in-depth research. The research revealed that 59% of participants in Italy chose short videos to discover new products or brands, while 59% opted for long-format videos to delve into specific topics. This indicates that YouTube Shorts acts as a springboard for further research and interactions with brands.

A Shortcut to Creating Effective YouTube Shorts Content

Marketing professionals can take advantage of these findings by following some best practices:

  • Combine Short and Long Formats: If your brand has a YouTube channel, consider creating both short and long-format videos. This mix of content can improve total watch time and increase subscriber numbers.
  • Collaborate with Creators: YouTube creators know their audience better than anyone else and can provide a unique opportunity to reach your target audience. Consider collaborations with influencers and amplify the reach of your videos through paid promotions.
  • Consider Vertical Format: Since YouTube Shorts is a vertical format, create ads optimized for this format. Ensure you capture viewers’ attention from the first few seconds and incorporate your brand at the beginning of the video.

YouTube Shorts is emerging as a powerful option for marketing professionals looking for new ways to connect with their audience. With a smart mix of short and long-form content, strategic collaborations with creators, and attention to the vertical format, you can maximize the potential of this rapidly growing platform.