A new Netflix plan in 2022

A new Netflix plan in 2022

By auroraoddi

There is certainly no need to explain what Netflix is and what it is for. In 2022 we all have a Netflix plan that gives us the ability to access a wide variety of media content, which can be original from the platform or from other productions. Depending on the plan then we also have the ability to download the content to the device we have and watch it without an Internet connection. In 2022 according to statistics there are 9.2 million users who are subscribers to the platform, and over the years Netflix has constantly updated its subscription plans. Lately, however, there has been a decline in subscribers worldwide putting the company in crisis. Not being deterred by this factor, Netflix has decided to further update its subscription plans by introducing a cheaper plan with advertisements.

How much is Netflix

As of 2021, the Netflix subscription plans have increased slightly. Before there were only three to today there are four and they are: the Basic with advertisements at a cost of 6.99 dollars per month, the Basic at a cost of 9.99 dollars per month, the Standard at a cost of 15.49 dollars per month and finally the Premium at a cost of 19.99 dollars per month.

Which plan to choose

Netflix subscription costs change depending on the plan you choose and its features. The plans that cost more offer more services than the cheaper ones, but not everyone needs these features in addition. So to get a good understanding of which plan is right for you, let’s look at what the platform’s various plans offer specifically.

Basic with ads

As already mentioned this plan is available at a cost of 6.99 dollars per month, it is the plan that allows you to watch Netflix at the lowest cost but the viewing of the content will be interrupted by advertisements before and during the playing of the content. The advertisements should correspond to a duration of 4 minutes every hour. Unfortunately, some content is not available on the basic plan with advertisements due to licensing restrictions, i.e., those with a lock icon. In addition, this plan supports definition up to 720p, one device at a time, and offline content cannot be downloaded.


The basic plan at a cost of 9.99 dollars per month gives you the ability to watch Netflix and download content only one device at a time. You have all unlimited and ad-free content, plus the definition goes up to HD.


The standard plan at a cost of 15.49 dollars allows you to watch and download content on two devices at the same time, with ad-free FULL HD definition.


Finally, we find the most expensive but most comprehensive plan, at a cost of 19.99 dollars per month it allows you to watch the platform and download content on four devices at the same time, with ad-free Ultra HD definition.

How to pay for Netflix

Subscribing to Netflix is very simple, just go to the website, create an account by entering your email and password. Then you will have to choose the plan that suits you best by entering a payment method. The different payment methods accepted on Netflix are: credit or debit cards, virtual cards, prepaid credit cards, gift cards, and partner payments. Once you subscribe, Netflix will charge your card the scheduled fee on the day that corresponds from the date of registration.

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