Enola Holmes is back on Netflix!

Enola Holmes is back on Netflix!

By Valentina Tuta

Enola Holmes is back on Netflix with the sequel many have been waiting for, and although the mystery that our young protagonist will face this time is still unknown, the truth is that it has been established that there are still many tensions to be explained within the Holmes family.

The film that left its mark on the hearts of many followers and that was initially scheduled to be presented on the big screen became one of the most watched movies on Netflix until the date, so Jack Thorne (screenwriter of the film) and Harry Bradbeer (stage director) started up with the continuation.

Thus, the Enola Holmes 2 shooting, starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill, finished a couple of days ago, so it won’t be long to watch it. In fact, its premiere has already been set for November 4th. Please, don’t despair since there is only a little more time before all subscribers will have access to it.

Cast and Stars 

Regarding the characters, we will see Millie Brown as Enola Holmes again, a figure that ensures her a place among the big young Hollywood stars. However, it should be remembered that she had previously risen to fame with Once in Stranger Things, having also had a relevant role in MonsterVerse by being one of the human protagonists of Godzilla: Monster King and Godzilla vs. Kong.

On the other hand, we have Henry Cavill, another great star in function. Remembered for his roles in The Witcher and Impossible Mission: Fallout. Likewise, we can’t stop mentioning his participation in the DCEU as Superman. Certainly, Sherlock is a character who complements Enola’s story, but it is suspected that Cavill will have a reduced presence, as we have to keep in mind that the film will try to show us up close the life of his little sister, destined to become the next great detective in the Holmes family.

Also, we will see Helena Bonham Carter, David Thewlis, Louis Susan Wokoma, Adeel Akhtar (recently seen in Sweet Tooth: The Deer Child), Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Hannah Dodd, Abbie Hern, Gabriel Tierney, Serrana Su-Ling Bliss, and Laurence Ellerker as the main cast in the movie.

Screenwriter and Director 

Jack Thorne and Harry Bradbeer (known for his telefilms “As the Beast Sleeps,” “A Is for Acid,” or “The Brides in the Bath,” in addition to his involvement in multiple series, and whose first work for the big screen was Enola Holmes) have been entrusted with the positions of writer and director once again. For his part, Thorne has a large list of TV series he has worked on, such as  “Skins”, “The Virtues”, “The Eddy” or “The Dark Matter”. Jack has also collaborated in the elaboration of the scripts for the films ” Better Another Day” and “Wonder”.

To sum up, recording for Enola Holmes 2 started in September 2021 in the UK and, thanks to a tweet from Henry Cavill, it was reported that by the end of October of the same year, he had completed his work. Therefore, there is only a little more time to know about the new adventures that await our dear Enola.

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