How to watch Netflix on Chromebook?

How to watch Netflix on Chromebook?

By ariannaflamini

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Netflix is a subscription streaming service that allows you to watch a lot of TV series and movies without ads. All you need to do is have a device that is connected to the Internet. You can also download your favorite series or movies to your iOS, Android or Windows 10 devices, so you can watch them even if you’re not connected to the Internet.

For the Netflix addicted who recently bought a Chromebook computer, today’s guide will explain how to watch Netflix on Chromebook. It’s easier than you think! For the less experienced, Chromebook are computers designed to help users to do any activity quickly and easily. They are computers that run the Chrome OS operating system.

How to watch Netflix on Chromebook?

Watching Netflix on a Chromebook is really simple and our guide will help you understand it through various steps. There are two modes: you can watch Netflix on Chromebook and Chromebox through the official website or by downloading the Netflix app from the Google Play Store. But let’s go into detail!

  • Netflix website:
  1. Go to the Netflix website.
  2. Click on Sign In. If you are not a subscriber, keep reading this article because we will explain how to do so.
  3. After logging in, play a TV series or a movie.
  4. You will then see a yellow bar asking you to authorize data storage on your PC. Tap on OK.

You are now connected to the Netflix account.

  • Netflix App (Google Play Store):

If you’re going to download the Netflix app, remember that the Google Play Store must be installed on your Chromebook.

  1. Open the Play Store app.
  2. Search for Netflix through the search bar.
  3. Once found, select the Netflix app.
  4. Select Install. If prompted, log in to your Google account.
  5. So the Netflix app is downloaded and installed on the Chromebook.
  6. Tap the App Launcher.
  7. Find and click on the Netflix app.
  8. Once the app starts, select Sign in.
  9. Enter the email address and password of your Netflix account and select Sign In.

You are now connected to the Netflix account.

How to subscribe to Netflix

Don’t know how to create an account and subscribe to Netflix? Don’t worry! Just follow the next steps. Let’s get started!

  1. Go to the Netflix website: click here to go directly to the page where you can subscribe.
  2. Choose the subscription plan that suits your needs.
  3. Create an account by entering your email address and password.
  4. Finally, enter a payment method. When you subscribe, each month you will be charged the fee on the day that corresponds to the date of your registration.

That’s it! We hope our guide has been useful to you… Now you can enjoy the fantastic catalog that Netflix offers you!

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