The 3 Best Apps to Write on Chromebook

The 3 Best Apps to Write on Chromebook

By ariannaflamini

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Chromebook devices are designed for primarily educational purposes. For this reason they are full of writing apps that are amazing. Plus, with Android app support, you can now access tons of apps from the Play Store from Chromebook.

In today’s article, we present the 3 best apps, among the many available, to write on Chromebook. For those who love this world, we have carefully selected applications that can provide basic writing tools, without being disturbed by countless features.

In addition to apps, in our guide we have included extensions and online writing services that offer a great experience. In our research and selection, we have also focused on the proposed writing environment. According to our thinking, it should be free of distractions and should present an offline availability.

The 3 Best Apps to Write on Chromebook

  • Google Docs

The first best app, but perhaps also the best known one, to write on Chromebook is certainly Google Docs. This ChromeOS pre-installed app is really a great writing tool. There are many formatting options but there are also simple ways to make Google Docs a perfect writing app for your concentration. You can install the Distraction Free Mode extension for Google Docs which is free. In practice, it will hide the buttons and controls so that you can only concentrate on the writing sheet. Otherwise, you can restore the formatting if you want to change the font and customize the content. You can also enable this offline mode from Settings. So in this way, you’ll have in your Chromebook a powerful word processor that can be your writing app.

  • Calmly Writer

In second place we propose Calmly Writer, which is a writing app for Chromebook that offers a user interface without distractions. It’s available as a web platform and an extension app in case you prefer offline mode. The beauty of this application is the focus mode on the writing sheet, where every other element disappears when you start writing. Of course, you can access formatting options like header, bullets, word count, etc… You can also back up your work on cloud storage services like Google Drive if you want. And don’t forget that you can download the documents in any format. In a nutshell, Calmly Writer is the perfect writing app on Chromebook, so you don’t have distractions and have a remarkable writing experience.

  • Writer

Writer is our third and final choice of the best writing apps on Chromebook. It’s free and it doesn’t flood the user with too many options. It can be said that Writer is a very simple to use application and is similar to Calmly Writer. In fact, it focuses a lot on writing rather than formatting. Do not worry, because of course it will also offer you formatting options that will help you in writing your texts. In addition, Writer allows you to add photos, unlike Calmly Writer, and it works safely even in offline mode. Remember that there is also a Chrome extension for this app. In short, Writer is free and it has many features, so it has everything we need to be present in our Top 3.

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