New Amazon e Netflix price subscription updates in US for March 2022

New Amazon e Netflix price subscription updates in US for March 2022

By ceciliascalzo

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It has been published a new poll of Morning Consult, the data analysis company, that revealed that ideal streaming subscription price, in consumers’ option, is less than the price of Netflix. According to consumers, in fact the price should be 12 dollars per month for the streaming platforms that offer unlimited access to their content libraries without advertisement. The poll also found that customers think that for an ad-supported service, instead, 10 dollars would be fine. The poll, that lasted from January 28 to January 31has been conducted, as I said before, from Morning Consult, that surveyed 2210 US adults, and determined the optimal price for streaming services by asking them which prices they thought too expensive or too unrealistic. From the poll emerged that the desidered prices are the same as the 2019, and since that year, a sery of streamers has been launched, from companies like Disney and WarnerMedia. Actually, the 2022 survey respondents said that the acceptable price range for an ad-free plan goes around 11 and 16 dollars per month, and that offers to the main services of this area an ample room for maneuver. Nowadays, Netflix is the most expensive platform because it recently increased its prices in US.

In fact the standard plan now costs 15,50 dollars per month unlike before that costed 14. The basic non HD plan increased too from 9 dollars to 10. That is the reason why, although Netflix has the latest content, it’s growth has slowed down. Despite that, with 222 millions subscribers, Netflix is still far ahead of its competitors, which have nevertheless seen great progress. For example Disney+ has seen in 2021 130 subscribers, HBO Max and HBO 73,8 millions and Paramount+, which has been renamed and expanded from CBS All Access, has 32,8 subscribers. The per-month prices of the main platforms used in the US are listed below. Apple Tv+ $4.99; Dsiney+ $7.99; Amazon Prime Video $8.99 and $14.99 for full Prime membership; Paramount+ $9.99 and $4.99 for the ad-supported version; Hulu $12.99; HBO Max $14.99 and $9.99 for the ad-supported version; Netflix $15.50, the standard plan. Some of these options can be also grouped into packages, like the Disney streaming bundle that includes Disney+ and Hulu with ESPN+.

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