What’s new on Netflix

What’s new on Netflix

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What is run for money about?

It’s a Japanese game show that has aired as a special on Fuji TV since 2004. New episodes, known in Japanese as “Run for Money “, usually air every two months. At the time of writing, the latest new episode aired on January 5, 2014, with a total of 34 episodes, and all episodes will be broadcast in 32 volumes on DVD, also spawned a short-lived US version on China channel and Run for Time on China’s Hunan TV.

At the beginning of each game, competitors are allowed to run through a designated game area and must stay within that area for the duration of the game. Then, the program unleashes “hunters” into the area, paid agents for the sole purpose of hunting and tagging contestants. If a hunter tags a player, that player is eliminated from the game. If they look away for a few seconds, they give up the chase. Note that sailing around the pillar does not break their line of sight long enough to stop. Games typically last between 90 and 120 minutes. In some cases, additional resurrection missions are included where the main game stops, and the eliminated participant can play a mini-game and rejoin the game.

Run for the Money has been a “real-life tag” game show popular among people of all ages in Japan for 18 years since it originally aired on Fuji TV in 2004. This famous show, inspired by “onigokko,” the traditional Japanese game of tag, packs in as many thrills as possible and has set the benchmark for survival game shows in Japan. It won Best Game or Quiz Programme at the Asian Television Awards in 2009, and it was nominated for Non-scripted Entertainment at the International Emmy Awards in 2010. After being televised in Japan and numerous other Asian nations, the series became a smash hit.

Now this program is coming to Netflix

The series brings together 29 celebrities to compete for cash prizes. Your goal is to avoid being caught by a group of hunters in costumes and masks before time runs out. The more you survive, the higher the price. If you fail, you will receive nothing and be disqualified. Cast announcements include actors Jiro Sato and Hiroe Igeta, athlete Yoshito Okubo, Miku Kanemura of J-POP idol girl group Hinatazaka46, and Takami Kinjo of boy band JO1.

In the trailer the contestants can be seen desperately trying to escape from the Hunters as they jump out of a plane and chase them across land, sea and even sky and many announcements have come out that the possible dates and possible times it will premiere on the Netflix streaming platform and it is possible that it will premiere on November 15, 2022, at a time of (7:00 p. m. JST / 2:00 a. m. PT), although the time may change depending on the time zone.

About this program we will be able to find producer/Decorator is Shoji Hiroaki, scene managers are Masataka Suzuki, Takeo Watanabe, Hayato Hirota, Daijiro Ishihara, regia are Suguru Takizawa, Kazuteru Sato, regia in the field are in charge by Taichi Yamakawa, Takashi Akahira, Kenji Fujishiro, Tatsuya Ishimaru, Masao Hagiwara, executive and producer is Taro Goto, in production is Misato Sato Ray, Koya Watanabe, Dai Kato, the head producer is Takashi Sasaya, the production company is FCC and finally the TV production company is Fuji.

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