AI advances with perfumes

AI advances with perfumes

By dayannastefanny

For a long time, technology has advanced in an indescribable way and all to help human beings, over the years various perfumes have been created to have their own smell, and thanks to a Dutch company that uses artificial intelligence to create perfumes this will be possible.

What is Scentronix?

Scentronix can create hyper-personalized cosmetics thanks to artificial intelligence software and dedicated tools. It is a trend that meets consumers’ growing desire for personalization. Based in the Netherlands, Scentronix, founded by Frederik Durink, opens the future of the perfume market with algorithmic perfumes. It is the world’s first AI-guided scent creation platform to explore a world of scents. From creating custom scents to personalizing creations from an in-house library and delving deeper into the creative process with a workshop or a scent training session, anything is possible.

In cooperation with IFF and IFF-LMR, the ScenTronix Inc system is a unique product, a blend of high-quality scent molecules where visitors will walk around to answer short questions and then sit. and watch as the sensory machine creates the scent in front of them. And this is not a one-time deal: Like a cosmetic lab process, this machine combines various ingredients, and gives these “designs” to the human artist to smell, after which they can make changes and create the final version.

Algorithmic Perfumery?

It is a company that presents its unique fragrance as a real product with the aim of changing the future of perfumery, in this event, participants or customers can interact with the application, answer questions, and combine their data. social networks on how to include them in the plan. In this way, the brand challenges the cosmetics industry and offers another way for participants to work together algorithmically to find new products.

Scentronix and the olfactory printer

For the past 4 years, Duerinck & Mekanik, together with a staff of 15 people, have been working on the design and refinement of an algorithmic perfumery. ScenTronix is a technology entity based in Breda, Netherlands, where the hardware system and customized software used for the algorithmic perfumery are developed in-house.

The declared hillside technology consists of sensory machines of various sizes, including a large buckling sampler with more than 500 ingredients intended for rapid prototyping and deep dive into unknown olfactory territories.

The founder of ScenTronix, explains that ‘Algorithmic perfumery uses technology to approve people to have a hugely personalized and meaningful maturity with their senses’, and says that if admissible all maturity has been designed to be simpler, an accretion for people to co-generate their accredited perfume’, equally expectation that ‘this interactive and playful maturity will enable them to reveal and expand new aspects of themselves, and a shapeless curiosity for their imagination’.

The device under development is a cross between an inkjet printer and a mysterious moving corpse. The algorithm organizes and “combines” different materials, which the device drops until it finds the desired combination. The “Smart” fragrance was presented as part of a traveling exhibition in Europe and North America. Scentronix’s next steps are to create a consumer product that combines precision with a high level of quality.

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