Snapchat: How to know if someone blocked you

Snapchat: How to know if someone blocked you

By camilaforero

What to Know

  • If you’ve recently chatted with someone, it should show up in their conversations. If not, you are probably blocked.
  • If you search by username or full name of a user and there is no record, you may be blocked.
  • If in case of searching for the user on another device or in another account and it appears, it is because you have been blocked.

However, investigative work can be done to confirm that a user has blocked you on Snapchat. Now let’s see how to carry out this investigation.

Ways to Find Out if You’re Blocked on Snapchat

Let’s see some of the main actions that must be taken in order to know if a Snapchat user has blocked you from the application:

Check your recent conversations

This tip is useful if you have recently chatted with the person and/or user who you think may have blocked you, for this it is necessary to check if the user still appears in the chat history.

You must open the application and enter the chat part, which is the icon of the dialogue bubble at the bottom of the screen to the left of the camera button. Then, when you are already in this part, look for the user that you suspect has blocked you, and in case the user does not appear in the list even if they have had recent chats, it is a very big clue that can confirm that you have been locked.

However, in case you haven’t had a recent conversation with this user, or if you perhaps cleared their history, let’s move on to the next step.

Search their username or full name

If you search for a user and they do not appear, it is because they have blocked you, however, if you find them, it may be that they have only removed you from their friends list. Therefore it is very important to know the difference between being deleted or blocked on Snapchat.

If you’re blocked by a user, you won’t be able to find them if you search for their name or username in the app. On the other hand, if the user only removed you from their friends list, you will still be able to find their name or username even in your own friends list and you will still be able to send snaps, however, if they removed you, it is important to note privacy settings on Snapchat, they may only have the option for users on their friends list to be able to send snaps.

In order to search for the user that you think may have blocked you, you can go to the magnifying glass icon, which is the search option that is at the top of the screen in the conversations tab or the instant tab, there you can search by name username or username.

In case you find the user, you will be able to see it has the My Friends tag, if that is the case, you are still part of the user’s friends list, but if the tag says Add Friends, it means that the user has removed you.

But if on the other hand, you can’t find the user, either by name or username, it means that you have been blocked or maybe the user has deleted the Snapchat account.

Search their username or full name from a different account

If after following the previous step the result was that you cannot find the user, you can search for him from another account to be able to confirm if you have been blocked.

To achieve this you can follow two options, one is to ask an acquaintance or friend to search for the user from their account, this option is easy since another person can do the search and inform you about the results, it is also ideal that that person is not related to the user you want to search for.

Or the other option is to log out of your account and create a new one, or use another device to log into a different account and perform the search, which can make the search longer and more complicated but this way you can confirm if the user blocked you or if maybe the user deleted the Snapchat account.

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