Snapchat: How to see your mutual friends

Snapchat: How to see your mutual friends

By camilaforero

Snapchat is a social network in which users can interact with others through momentary photos and videos. The debut of this social network platform was in 2011, and later in 2013 it included the option of stories, which has been a function that other platforms have taken, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The Snapchat app is more fun and interesting when you can connect with new people as well as people you know, it depends on the user and how they want to put their profile and interactions to use. However, the platform has a function to find mutual friends, which are associated with your own friends and in this way you can expand your social circle on the social network. If you are interested, you can see in the following link, how to shop on Amazon from the Snapchat camera.

Snapchat features

Let’s get acquainted with some terms and features used on Snapchat before checking out mutual friends and how to add them if you want to.


In the Snapchat app, Snaps are known as the images or videos that you share with all of your friends or just one. Videos for Snaps can be up to 60 seconds long, and photos or videos that are posted are deleted after the user who received the snap has viewed it.


These stories are available for 24 hours, and are shared with all your friends on the platform, just as Snaps are videos or photos, only they last for a longer period of time, in the same way you can save the images or videos that Take using the app in your phone gallery, or you can save them to Memories in the app.

How to see mutual friends on Snapchat

The first step to find mutual friends is by going to your Snapchat profile, there you should tap on your Bitmoji in the top left and then tap on the option labeled Add friends, this way you can find the Quick Add menu, where there will be a list from multiple users, including mutual friends that you can start adding.


Keep in mind that a very important part of Snapchat is privacy, therefore there is no way to see the people your friends have added to their Snapchat accounts, friend lists are always hidden.

Likewise, in case you want it, Snapchat gives you the option to choose your account to be a private account, in this way only limited information will be available in your profile. Likewise, you may have the possibility to interact only with users whom you have added as your friends through snaps.

Add mutual friends:

But this is not an impediment to finding mutual friends, since with the Quick Add option in the menu, you can have a random list of users that includes some of your friends’ friends, which means that those Possible suggested users are friends of your friends, or there is even the possibility that they are members of any Snapchat groups that you are a part of. One cool part is that Snapchat will show you how many mutual friends you have, so you can find and be able to add new friends to your social circle on the platform.

In case you find a person that you want to add to your friends, you can send a friend request to someone, this way that person can receive a notification that they were added from Quick Add, so they can know that you added them and can add you back too. What makes this the main way to add and link with other people who are part of your friends, as well as the way to add by mention that is also quite common, when someone directly searches for a user either by their full name or Username.

It is very possible that many people do not want to add someone they do not know to their friends list on the platform, however, the person you added will not be notified that they have mutual friends, this can only be visible until that person try adding you as a friend too, however if that user doesn’t want to follow you back, you will be seen as just one more user who wanted to add that user to your friends list on the social network.

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