Android 14 Lets You Change Your Lock Screen Shortcuts

Android 14 Lets You Change Your Lock Screen Shortcuts

By auroraoddi

The Android 14 operating system is almost ready, and is following all the steps planned for its distribution. Meanwhile, for the past few weeks, the second beta version of Android 14 has been available on Pixel phones. The launch of this first model is significant. In fact, users will be able to preview the most interesting and innovative features of this operating system.

Android 14: new features for changing lock screen shortcuts

Journalist Mishaal Rahman has revealed that, among Android 14’s most interesting new features, there’s one that refers to the lock screen. Specifically, the option will allow shortcuts to be added to the lock screen.

This feature will already be expected for Android 13, but will finally be a novelty on version 14. More already, Google will allow shortcuts to be modified on the smartphone’s lock screen. However, users will not be able to add shortcuts of their own choosing.

What shortcuts are available for the lock screen in Android 14?

Specifically, eight shortcuts are available in Android 14 for modifying the smartphone’s lock screen. The list includes the following options:

  • QR scanner;
  • torch;
  • video camera;
  • notes;
  • silent mode;
  • wallet;
  • camera;
  • do not interfere with functionality;
  • device controls.

Some screenshots on the net provide interesting glimpses of the effect on smartphone screens.

How do I activate lock screen shortcuts in Android 14?

Activating any of the eight lock screen shortcuts in Android 14 is easy. In fact, all you have to do is perform a long press on the option you want to change. This strategy is useful for preventing them from activating by mistake.

What else is new in Android 14?

In addition to the eight useful shortcuts for modifying the lock screen, Android 14 will bring other interesting new features to smartphones. Here are the most important ones, previewed by experts.

Optimized API behavior

Thanks to this first modification, users will be able to enjoy a better experience on all devices, while limiting the resources used. Improvements will also be made to multitasking options and those dedicated to large-screen users. This will make it easier to create applications compatible with all devices.

Optimized system autonomy and integrity

The operating system will be more efficient in its use of resources, limiting consumption and prolonging battery life.

Improved accessibility and personalization

Android 14 offers advanced accessibility and language options. Users will be able to choose the language for each application and access inclusive language. In addition, they can increase the font size by up to 200%.

Privacy and security

Android 14 has blocked application installation, via sideload, to prevent malware attacks.

Other Android 14 innovations

Finally, among the many options that Android 14 will offer, we can cite:

  • changes in the Background and Style area, allowing you to choose better colors;
  • changes to the menus and submenus of the system settings related to security and privacy;
  • changes to the display of energy consumption and battery usage;
  • easy-to-use energy-saving menus;
  • RAM optimization, to improve the efficiency of background applications;
  • emoji Wallpaper, to create a personalized emoji wallpaper.