Apple take all of the buttons away

Apple take all of the buttons away

By camilaforero

Something that has been seen lately are rumors that talk about removing the physical buttons on the iPhone, since Apple has been making some changes for its new and upcoming devices, and it is said that the iPhone 15 will most likely no longer have physical buttons and that these will be replaced with solid state “taptic” buttons.

These rumors have been confirmed as posts have been seen that some alleged new renders of the iPhone 15, which were published by 9to5Mac, announce that some buttons will no longer be available on the devices, for example, the physical volume control button and the power switch will no longer be included in the next devices that Apple releases.

What do people think about this?

Many people, especially those who have lived using many buttons on their devices, do not agree with this new change that Apple proposes to eliminate the physical buttons on their phones. These people believe that there is no haptic button that feels as good or as reassuring as a physical button, and they also believe that using the physical buttons is much easier and more convenient for everyone.

Statements from some users

One user mentions that he has an iPhone SE 2016 and an iPhone SE 2022. One of these phones has a physical home button and the other has a haptic “button”, and for the 2016 phone you just have to press the button, and everything is more easy and that pressing the button assures you that you are performing an action. On the other hand, however, the comparatively weak haptic feedback from the new SE 2022’s button feels lifeless and unsatisfying to many people.

Some examples:

There are buttons that users don’t miss, such as the home button, as they are comfortable not using it constantly, however, the other buttons are important as there may be a possibility that if the user is in public and accidentally starts playing TikTok with your phone’s speakers instead of headphones, in this case a button can help the user prevent this from happening.

More statements that users consider for this update

One concern for many users is that the phone and its haptic buttons will work with gloves on. When it comes to using a physical button if you have gloves on it makes it much easier for anyone to be able to use their phone or devices and some think this will still be the case even if the haptic buttons on new phones are pretty good users would rather have a physical button for when they wear gloves. Still, it’s expected that Apple will probably design ways for these dummy buttons to play nice with gloves.

Another concern that users have is if their hands are wet, they will most likely have to try a couple of times to press the haptic volume button if their hands are a bit wet. For the same reason, even Apple included a physical button on the Watch Ultra.

A good example is the Force Touch trackpad, this device has haptic buttons that feel almost as good as the physical ones. This is about 95 percent as good as a trackpad with an actual button press, and being able to have a haptic button that simulates the feeling of a physical button press would be great for many users.