Boost Holiday Sales

Boost Holiday Sales

By camilaforero

Smaller businesses have an opportunity to manage to adjust to potential holiday economic downturns, so if you’re a small business and want to know how to increase sales during these times, we can review some tips to help you prepare for e-commerce.

Create a visually compelling store experience

It is important that the first impression a customer receives on your website is eye-catching, that the images you use capture their attention, and that the information you provide is easy to digest and accessible. Here are some tips you can follow to help you design your store for visual impact:

Include a variety of in-context and product-only images

The images are a very important and essential part so that customers can make the decision to buy a product, therefore you must take some points into account for your images, you can include:

In-context shots that show products in use

The context of the products in use creates an emotional bond and tells a story, as well as you can see the functionality of the product and add suggestions on the use of the product for customers to consider.

Product only shots

The ideal is to add a white background and the product can be seen from all possible angles, to give customers a better view of what they want to buy.

Customize your product images

Using a platform that allows you the flexibility to post your products with images is very important, an example of a platform is GoDaddy’s Online Store Builder; Also, let’s see some options for your store to post your products:

Featured products

You can use the Spotlight layout to make them stand out, this also allows product images to be viewed in a square orientation, which is important for featured products that you decided to add, also using the Websites & Marketing editor you can Select the products that will be featured.

Product gallery

Depending on the sizes or shapes of the products, these can be seen with a specific orientation, to organize them you can go to the store page, then choose the Product Gallery and finally click on Image Options. You can also include the quick view option for your products so that customers can view them faster and easier.

Product detail pages

You can also choose the featured image layout making the products stand out even more and having a better focus to display the images in the product details.

Create a stunning first impression and sense of urgency with a header

The main image must have power and draw a lot of attention, it can also include an action button to buy the product, and to create purchase urgency, the message must have that urgency so that the customer can make the purchase.

Feature helpful product images

Using the photo gallery found at Websites + Marketing, you can take advantage of being able to market yourself with beautiful images that grab the attention of customers.

A single-column product photo gallery

You can display products using a single column, which helps a lot when displaying multiple product images, and in the Websites & Marketing control panel you can select layout options.

Vertical product detail

With the vertical design of the page, how the images of the products are presented on the page looks more modern, likewise, for wide and tall products it is a great option.

Enable a promotional banner with limited time only messaging

Customers can shop more easily if they see a limited time promotion, so you can also add a message announcing the benefits of the promotion, for example, if gifts are included, or the sale prices.

Showcase similar products in your store

You can enable the option to show similar products on your page, this makes it possible for customers who are checking out a specific product to buy to see that there are more similar products that they might need as well.

Available options with color swatches and display buttons

To draw attention to the product options that are available, it can be using display buttons and the range of colors of the product, which generates more purchase options for the customer, and these would be found in the gallery of products and details.

Announcement pop-up add-on

This is a great option to be able to immediately call attention to your promotions, in this way customers will more easily see the promotions that are available in your store, for example, for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Feature store categories in a compelling, visual way

The categories of the products are also important so that they stand out, not only the images, let’s see some options:

Create a sale category

With this option, customers can more easily find the promotions or specific products they are looking for, and you, for example, can have a category of products on sale and organize them as you see fit.

Enhance a category’s appeal with beautiful images

Both an image and a description that stands out makes the product more attractive to customers, ideally it should be seen as a banner when customers go to check and buy the product.

Showcase select featured categories throughout your store

You can select the categories, with the Websites & Marketing editor you can add a section and then the categories you want to highlight, remember to use eye-catching images.

Help consumers narrow down what to buy

Using categories can help customers have an easier way to review products and decide what to buy, categories like “new arrivals”, “best sellers” or “limited availability” can attract more customers.

Showcase product reviews

The reviews and opinions of other clients are a very good idea so that the clients who are reviewing the product are guided and make a decision to make the purchase.

Enable product reviews 

Enabling the option to see the reviews in each of the products that are published helps the customer, likewise, this helps to make the position of your company and business known with the opinions of its products.

Showcase customer testimonials

This part is more general, you can add a part on your page about the testimonials of your customers regarding the products, the company, among other things that they want to comment on, in this way you can know how the customer service is for those who have already made purchases, or also about the store in general.

Showcase your social networks presence on your store

For example, Facebook or Instagram can cause more legitimacy and more connection with customers, you can enable links from your social networks or even connect your Instagram Feed. This can be an example of mobile commerce that is very important nowadays. 

Capture more customers

Let’s see some tips that can help you to make the probability of buying products more effective.

Provide a sales price for each product

It is very important that the product information is displayed complete, this includes prices, which can be added in Store > Products > Add/Edit product > Price

Offer free shipping, local pickup or delivery

Free shipping provides more interest and is a great way for customers not to abandon the purchase and make it without hesitation. You can add the free shipping option, or if you want the product to be shipped or pick it up at the physical store if you have it.

Offer free returns

Free returns also create a good customer experience, and you can add the option for specific or all products.

Abandoned cart recovery

With this option, through an email, you can remind customers that they have abandoned products in their shopping cart, so they can return and complete the purchase.

Recognize gifts and offer free gift wrapping

With options like packaging being a great opportunity for customers to feel more interest and enhance their shopping experience, you can include customers being able to add special instructions.

Add a Pay Button to your site

You can add checkout links so that customers have more options, you can add a share button so that customers can have this option.

Easily rebook services

You can add this option if your store sells services, the customer can go to the booking history to have the option of the same service they booked before.

Offer gift cards

Especially for holidays like Christmas this is a great option, since customers, if they are not sure what to give, can opt for a gift card with specific prices.

Highlight your limited edition items

You can add this option on the page of your online store, since many times there are special products, especially for seasons, that you can put up for a limited time.

Custom threshold for messaging

You can use this option in your store to configure limited edition messages, this way you can set the threshold for when low inventory messages will be displayed.

Customize order/shipping/booking confirmation

Confirmation emails can be personalized, you can add a coupon, your company logo, among other options that can encourage the customer to make a purchase in the future.

Zip code level sales tax calculation

You can set up sales tax for your online store with a feature on the platform you use, you can add the states and tax rates for your store orders when calculated based on zip code.

Get shipping rates and print labels easily

With ShipEngine integration on the platform, you can have rates and purchase labels from FedEx, UPS and USPS, a great option to add to shipping tools.

Use and Add Smart Ribbons

Using the Smart Ribbons feature you can add tags like Bestseller and New Product to highlight your products and make sales stand out as well.

Create and share coupons

By using coupons customers can be further motivated to make their purchases, you can also add a banner on your website so that customers can access coupons.

Add an email subscription form coupled with a coupon incentive

To form a greater connection with customers you can use email newsletters, you can also provide them with promotions of new or featured products, among other news that you want to communicate to customers.

Expand your sales by selling everywhere

You can sell on other sales platforms apart from your store website, you can use Amazon, Etsy, eBay, among other platforms, as well as you can sell on social networks.

Sell anywhere with GoDaddy Payments

Using the GoDaddy Payments option, customers can shop through a retail store or physical location, you can also receive payments in-store, a virtual terminal, or payment links via social media, text, or email.

Smart Terminal hardware

You can connect accessories like printers, cash registers, and barcode scanners to make payments. Some of the features of the Smart Terminal are:

  • Accept all major credit cards with a swipe or chip or contactless.
  • Contactless payments allow customers to pay using smartphones via Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Online orders for pick-up and delivery are also integrated with your Smart Terminal. 
  • The order will automatically update in your Online Store.

GoDaddy Mobile app

Using the application you can get one more option to sell through the application and something very important is that the feature is available at no additional cost, as well as it is easy to use.

Card reader hardware

This option works with the GoDaddy application, being a low-cost hardware, you can with a credit card anywhere and with any card, also have payments through Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Sell on marketplaces

You can also have the option to sell in multiple places at once, which attracts large volumes of online buyers and can help you drive more online sales.

List your products for sale on Google

You can include your products in the Google shopping channel, you can also create a campaign and increase the sales of the products.

Engage your audience with email and social posts

Email newsletters and social media help you build customer interest and active participation and engagement.

Email campaigns

You can keep in touch with your customers with email marketing, it’s a great way to send out communications, it also allows you to edit and plan when to send emails to your customers depending on their subscriptions.

Social media campaigns

In social networks you can use campaigns depending on the holidays and in this way have a greater connection with your clients as well as with emails.

Create a winning customer experience wherever you are

Due to the pandemic, sales from home were more common, however, now people are beginning to travel more, therefore it is very important to be up-to-date in order to have the tools to sell on the go anywhere.

Support your customers via chat

You can add the chat function on your website, with the purpose of having fast customer service and also being able to answer concerns or questions that customers have about products or anything else so that they can make their purchase.

Manage orders on the go

With the GoDaddy app you can easily receive order notifications and details wherever you are.

Return/refund policy reminder

A clear return policy is important and a reminder on the homepage of the online store allows customers to review the return policy whenever they need to.

Boost your sales this holiday season and beyond

E-commerce is an important feature for companies in the future, so with these features that we saw above you can increase your e-commerce sales during the holidays and the new year, in a simpler and more useful way for you and your business.

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