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Some best Android Browsers in 2020

By carolc October 15, 2020

Browsing the internet is one of the most popular functions of modern smartphones. The world pretty much operates online anyways.…

Top health apps to download in 2020

By carolc October 10, 2020

Health remains the greatest wealth one could ever have. What makes life enjoyable and worth living is a healthy life.…

Top apps for science students

By carolc October 4, 2020

Studying science could be fun or a nightmare. It depends on your teacher. Many science students don't enjoy the discipline…

Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

By carolc October 3, 2020

Samsung just delivered another screen folding phone on 20 February 2020 with an intense case that it has progressive adaptable…

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Watch

By carolc September 23, 2020

A 42mm, United States version named Midnight Black, one of a kind is a beautiful smartwatch. Galaxy Watch is a…

5G Is The Future, But What About Wi-Fi?

Artificial Intelligence
By syrus December 15, 2019

The telecommunications industry is approaching an inflection point. Deployment of 4G technology has brought cellular performance to unparalleled levels of…