Discovering the new way to create Instagram Reels

Discovering the new way to create Instagram Reels

By Valentina Tuta

Discovering the new way to create Instagram Reels, the engineers decided to present us with new features in order to make the experience of sharing content on this social network easier and more enjoyable. 

Explore the Enhanced Remix Features

Now telling your stories by collaborating with your favorite creators and friends will be easier since IG’s team has expanded the list of tools. Let’s take a look at them!

  • Remix for photos: As we know, Instagram is an inspiration network in which we use to share our moments, so much so that in coming weeks you will be able to remix public photos to keep you encouraged and motivated.
  • Expanded Remix layouts: Now you have access to various effects with which you can edit your own content and add it to existing reels. You can choose between green screen, horizontal or vertical split screen, or picture-in-picture reaction.
  • Add you clip: Initially, users could only add their content to play at the same time as the original reels, but this time the IG team has said no. So you can post your clips and have them play sequentially after the original.

Templates and Dual

Instagram’s features are designed to give you the opportunity to express yourself as much as you want, and this time was not different. The company bet on functions that allow you to capture, edit and share everything you wish from your phone.

  • Templates: By pressing the camera icon you will find some inspo with the wide variety of templates that IG has for you. And that is not all, you can post your own content with preloading audio and clip placeholders, so as you can see is completely customizable.
  • Dual: Unfortunately, not all phone devices offer the possibility to record from different perspectives but for Instagram users this is not a problem. If you want to record by using both the front and back cameras of your phone simultaneously, you can do it. This feature is also very helpful for recording content and your reaction at the same time.

New video posts on Instagram will be shared as Reels

Talking about the latest updates, this time, IG’s main goal is to bring you a more immersive and entertaining way to watch and create videos on Instagram. Hence, they have extended the full-screen experience to your video posts as well. Therefore, except for the clips you’ve posted so far, new video posts shorter than 15 minutes will be shared as reels.

  • Discovery: Your video posts shared as reels could be eligible to be recommended and seen by more people on Instagram, just keep in mind that, as a requirement, your account must be public.
  • Profile: Regarding the interface design, Instagram has many new projects in mind. One of them is to implement the videos and Reels tab on the main page of your profile. This will allow you to have a single home for all your videos.

Finally, the team has stated that they will continue to create features and other updates to make the user experience more pleasing. Keep tuned for more news!

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