Do you know Google Drive’s Artificial Intelligence?

Do you know Google Drive’s Artificial Intelligence?

By Alex Balaniuc

Artificial Intelligence in Google Drive can help you find files fast: let’s discover together how.

Organizations’ employees handle a great amount of information everyday, but they also create new content to use during work, just think about financial spreadsheets, strategy docs, customer presentations, etc. It is estimated that an average enterprise user has around 12,000 files saved in their Google Drive.


Now, try to imagine foraging for a single file through such a massive quantity of data. It would take an awful lot of time, and that’s why Google Drive has added new features destined to help people find the data they’re looking for.

One of these features is Priority. You can find this section in the upper left of Drive’s homepage. It will assist you in surfacing files and it gives you a set of options to apply to them. Also, it will help in keeping you focused by creating dedicated workspaces.


Priority resulted in being pretty useful lately, because it’s helping users find the stuff they need in half the time compared to before. Using Priority will surely make a difference for your business, since it helps save 20% of the time spent on searching for files, as shown here.

How does Priority work? Frequency, recency, collaborators…

Priority’s function is based on Google’s advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The feature picks up on clues that you leave during your work. For instance, whenever you open a document, edit it, share it, comment on it, rename it or pay it any kind of attention, Priority registers these actions, and it will make that file pop up more in the future to make you take a look at it. The same thing happens in the case that a coworker does something to the document, it will appear to you within Priority. So, the more a file receives attention from you and your coworkers, the more it will be considered of importance by Priority.

Not only does Priority make certain files more visible, it also suggests actions that you can do, such as approving a request or replying to a comment. Additionally, the AI and ML in the aforementioned workspace section will advise you to group together files that share similar features for easier access.

Make your working life better with Artificial Intelligence

Google Drive’s Priority is only one of the many services and features Drive has to offer to improve your business. If you’d like to learn more about those, visit Google’s Workspace Essentials website or check out this article.



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