Driverless delivery in 2021

Driverless delivery in 2021

By carolc

Have you ever thought about ordering a snack, a pizza, or whatever the product and the car that arrives at your house does not have any type of driver, what would be your reaction?

With the advancement of technology and the large investment of companies in autonomous cars, this type of application is being possible.

In California, permission was given for deliveries to be made by vehicles that do not use a driver, something that will be the first act in history.

Nuro, a robotics startup, plans to start with these deliveries in the year 2021. Last year, in April, tests were carried out with R2 model vehicles in the state.

Even if there is no one behind the wheel, there will be a fee that will have to be paid by the people who request the service.

There are some restrictions on making it possible to order this service. It is necessary that the climate is good according to the service policy and also it will not pass 35 mph.

For authorities who take care of this part of vehicles, it is seen as something historic and revolutionary for vehicles. Public safety is something that the responsible authorities will be monitoring as the technology develops.

Nuro, was created by two former Google engineers. And Softbank receives investments.

Technology with autonomous cars

The R2 model uses technology by means of radar, in addition to having thermal images and advanced 360º cameras to be able to direct all its movement. As a non-driver, it doesn’t need pedals, mirrors or even steering wheels.

Its designer is also different from the standard of vehicles. It is oval in shape and smaller compared to US cars. There are two compartments that you can control the temperature if you need it in deliveries.

As soon as the delivery arrives at the destination, a code is placed and with that the doors rise to show the items.

Tests carried out in Houston the previous year, R2 delivered a pizza to Domino’s Pizza. Even with success, there are still many concerns about everyone’s safety.

There will be many limitations until there is security in the technology. It will be necessary to analyze all the details for security to be confirmed.

For example, vehicles will only be able to drive on flat streets with reduced speeds, at 35mp / h, and those that are smaller, are limited to 25mp / h.

Other companies are also investing in this car market that does not need drivers. As is the case with Google’s Waymo, which has Phoenix operating in Arizona, with driverless taxis.

Another big company is Alibaba, a big company in technology and online retail, which is investing in this technology in the city of Shanghai, China.

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