NIO, more than a smart cars line

NIO, more than a smart cars line

By carolc

The Chinese-born automaker NIO has a line of highly innovative smart cars. And it is that the technology applied to vehicles goes further, to offer users an efficient and practical technological environment.

The main headquarters of the automaker is located in the city of Shanghai, and that is where they have the Automotive Innovation Park.

Advanced technology

As part of the technology that accompanies every vehicle manufactured by NIO, we find NOMI and the NIO Pilot.


It is the artificial intelligence system in the car. This is powered by a high performance system, cloud travel platform, voice interaction technology and emotion engine.

NOMI mate 2.0, equipped with a full AMOLED screen, transforms the car from a cold machine to a charming companion.

NIO Pilot

The NIO Pilot is the advanced driver assistance system, developed in-house, and enabled by Mobileye EyeQ4. It has more than 20 driver assistance features and supports over-the-air firmware updates. Always evolving, always updated.

NIO vehicle line

The automotive factory currently has three innovative models, each with common characteristics and details that make them unique.


This vehicle has a cabin designed to provide a perfect environment for passengers.

The car includes an intelligent ambient lighting system, with ten colors that change the interior atmosphere. For its part, NOMI also participates in the lighting game and is at your disposal to change the color whenever you want.

EC6 is a car model that seeks to provide everything the user needs. It incorporates a digital instrument cluster with a 9.8-inch rim, seamlessly connected. It also has a central 11.3-inch high-definition multi-touch screen. On the other hand, the combination of NOMI, the front display screen and the driver’s smartphone, provide an exceptional environment in terms of connectivity.


This is NIO’s SUV model and they present it as the smart electric flag of this type of car.

The new ES8 includes more than 180 product enhancements, a NEDC range of up to 580 km, NIO Pilot and NOMI. Featuring better performance, greater range, sophisticated design and high-tech, the new ES8 redefines the SUV.


  • 580 km NEDC est. *
  • 100 kWh battery pack.
  • 4.9 s 0-100 km / h *
  • Class-leading 3,010mm wheelbase.

* The ES8 NEDC All-New Estimated Range refers to the manufacturer’s estimated range under ideal conditions and in accordance with New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) standards. The actual autonomy may vary and the autonomy published in the official homologation results will prevail.


Inheriting high performance DNA from the race track to the road, the ES6 comes with a perfect duo of a permanent magnet motor and an induction motor for performance and endurance. High-strength aluminum with carbon fiber ensures a lightweight but highly rigid body.

With the class-leading length of 4,850mm, the ES6 shapes a sophisticated, high-tech mobile living space. It is the first model from NIO to feature a microfiber headlining, three-spoke sports steering wheel and integrated sports seats, creating a dynamic and vibrant cabin space. Along with the available lounge seating, Nappa leather, and smart fragrance system, the ES6 brings joy and comfort for both driving and traveling.

As a complete smart electric SUV with an impressive 4.7 second sprint from 0 to 100 km / h, and an NEDC range of up to 610 km, the ES6 presents itself as a sophisticated and progressive mobile living space.


  • Smart digital cockpit
  • Interaction between devices and without problems
  • Integrated sports seats
  • Dynamic and athletic
  • Microfiber roof
  • Delicately luxurious
  • Extra long reach
  • 610 km NEDC est. *
  • 100 kWh battery pack
  • 4.7 s 0-100 km / h *
  • 544ps Maximum Power *

* ES6 NEDC Estimated Range refers to the manufacturer’s estimated range under ideal conditions and in accordance with New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) standards. The actual range will vary and the range of practices published in the official homologation results will prevail. Performance specifications, such as acceleration, are manufacturer’s estimates based on the performance version.

NIO Service

NIO Service has been designed to offer a unique experience to users in terms of vehicle maintenance. The service offered by the brand to its cars encompasses a comprehensive solution. The NIO Cloud system has the ability to detect and identify the needs It belongs to the vehicle and to provide all the corresponding services exceeding the expectations of the users.

Express service

NIO has the experts to provide a high quality road service. The vehicle that requires attention will be collected and sent back to your home, once it has been repaired.

Lifetime Free Quality Guarantee

This warranty applies to NIO owners, who enjoy free warranty service for the life of the vehicle. This applies regardless of mileage or time.

Free Lifetime Roadside Assistance

Each NIO model includes a roadside assistance service throughout the life of the car, 24 hours a day.

Service center

The automaker has a team of certified professionals to provide auto maintenance and repair, through a personalized service from NIO.

Through the NIO application, drivers can request maintenance or repair of the car, and monitor the status of the service.

Mobile service

In case of need, the mobile service can carry out maintenance and basic repairs, where the car is located.

Property benefits

The original owner of a NIO car will enjoy free quality assurance service. Such as roadside assistance, and vehicle connectivity for the life of the car with 8GB of data per month.

  • Free lifetime quality guarantee.
  • No time or mileage limits.
  • Free roadside assistance for life.
  • No time or mileage limits.
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