5 apps every car owner should have on their phone

5 apps every car owner should have on their phone

By carolc

Nothing beats having your own car. You get to move anywhere you want at your convenient pace and comfort. That is just some of the benefits that come with having a car of your own.

Years back, having a car will attract having a number of mandatory tools. Back then, every car owner will most probably think of investing in maps for direction. Maps are the driving companion of drivers. Without knowing the direction of where you are going, getting lost is not a problem.

So, if you don’t have a map, you can’t go to where you intended to go. Quite restrictive and limited, right? Yeah. That’s how boxed-in everything was then. But not anymore now! Technology has changed the storyline of everything. It has launched many fascinating gadgets that’ll give you accurate directions.

You can be sure getting easy access to maps is not the only improvement technology has for car owners. There is a huge number of improvements in other aspects. The aim of these improvements is to allow car owners to have excellent experience when using their cars.

We’ll be checking out the top five car apps every car owner should have in 2020. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Waze

If you are in search of the best apps that’ll give you helpful navigation, Waze app should be on your list of considerations. It’s very surprising that many car owners don’t have this app. Many car owners only use the default navigation apps that come with their phone. If you do this, it’s high time you stepped up to something better!

Waze is a resourceful navigation app we think every car owner should have. There are lots of helpful and amazing functions loaded on this app. The app makes use of the information of its users to give accurate navigation. Due to this wealth of information about the users, Waze app gives real-time assistance.

You can use Waze to avoid tiring traffic jams, find the quick routes and slow down when the police are ahead of you. These are just scratchy surfaces of what you can use the Waze app to do. This app can even let you know where to get the cheapest gas!

Using this app will greatly help you. You should consider getting and using it.

2. Auto Care

Having a car is one thing, maintaining it is another thing entirely. This should let you know that owning a car implies being responsible for the care and maintenance of your car. Every car owner knows quite well that cars not properly maintained will develop expensive problems!

You shouldn’t wait until your car develops a fault before you start making move. You can keep your car in good shape through the use of helpful apps like Auto Care. As far as car maintenance needs are concerned, this app will do a superb job in helping you out.

Auto care app is a completely free car maintenance app. With this app, you’ll be kept up-to-date on your car’s service history. You don’t need to scout about that anymore. You’ll get reminders that’ll give you accurate and clear estimates of what’s been spent on your car. This app works with Dropbox.  For safekeeping, you can back up all your information.

3. AutoMate Car Dashboard

Driving is a focus-required activity. Countless numbers of road accidents are caused by lack of focus when driving. When driving, situations can demand that you press your phone to maybe receive a call or carry out some other operations. Doing this is not only dangerous to yourself, it is posing a potential danger to every road user around you.

If you want to multitask without losing control while driving, you should consider using Automate. AutoMate is an app that gives you control while driving. With your voice and the use of simple gestures, you’d be doing two or three things simultaneously without causing any hazardous to yourself and others around you.

The dashboard is situated in such a way that you cannot lose focus when driving. The voice control especially helps in this case. The interface of this app is well organized  and easy to use. You don’t need to be perusing through menus, files and screens to get the apps you need.

4. Torque Pro

One of the great features of a car is its speed. You need to check it out regularly to know the performance of your car. If you have a flair for speed or you just want to know about your car’s general performance, then Torque Pro is for you.

Through the use of an OBD II Bluetooth adapter, Torque Pro app allows you to view precise digital information of your choice. The app will give you exact information of your car’s speed and performance.

The app is connected to your car’s OBD, hence making Torque Pro give you accurate info about your car. If you want to be updated on your car’s performance, this app will do a great job for you.

5. Roadtrippers

There are several factors that make your journey worthwhile and fun. One of them is the right route. No matter the company you have. However saucy your snacks and cool music are, they all will not make much sense if you’re hovering about; lost. Knowing the best route to take caps your journey with maximum fun.

Many people have had a boring and tiring journey. You don’t have to experience that. With Roadtrippers, you are just some taps and clicks away from having a stress-free and direction-driven journey. That sounds great, right? Yeah!

The app does a superb job of searching and finding historic points between you and where you’re heading. Roadtripper then marks out the best routes for you to take. You most probably wouldn’t have known these routes unless you’re informed about them. Roadtripper will guide you to choosing the best path to take for your journey. It is recommendable every car owner should have it on their phone.


Having a car does not have to be cumbersome and duty-ladened. With the right apps, you’ll really enjoy putting your car to use.

These apps will not only help you while driving on the road, the apps will also be of use for maintaining your car. They will also help you to be kept apprised of your car’s performance. Do you want an optimal driving experience with your car? Then try out these apps for automobiles!

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