6 Blogging Tools you can use on your Smartphone

6 Blogging Tools you can use on your Smartphone

By carolc

Blogging is an interesting online activity anyone can do. Well, not just anyone. It’d be safe to say anyone “ready” and passionate about expressing their views on a topic to an audience. If you have a flair for writing, then blogging is for you! After all, a large percent of blog’s content is writing.

Gone are the days you must necessarily be glued to your computer desktop before you can blog. Those days have been folded up like a scroll and dumped in the trash bin. All thanks to technology, things are getting easy to do with every second that ticks by. The same goes for blogging!

Do you know with your smartphone, you can blog at your convenient pace? Yeah! You read that right! With your smartphone! Just in case your laptop is down or you don’t have access to it, it’s high time you thought of making use of your best alternative – smartphone!

Blogging through your mobile device is now very accessible and viable. Unless you’re still stuck in technological limitations of the past, you’ll see there are excellent ways of blogging through your smartphone.

In this article, we will be checking out 6 blogging tools for your smartphone. We believe they will be of help in letting you have an optimal blogging experience.

Ready, bloggers? Let’s check them out!

1. The IFTTT App

You might be wondering what this app means. Well, the IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. This app is the kind of tool that gives room for social media apps such as Instagram and Gmail to communicate. In other words, it allows two apps to “talk” with one another. This intercommunication between apps is termed RECIPE.

There are a good number of recipe functions available on the IFTTT app. You can set up a recipe such that all your Instagram images are saved to DROPBOX. This is just one of the many available recipe functions. You can try out the rest when you install the app on your smartphone.

The IFTTT app is a resourceful tool every blogger should have on their phone.

2. Buffer App

Scheduling your social media posts is a huge task in itself. As a blogger, one of the essential skills you should have is proper and timely publishing of your posts. Things can slip off the balance if you don’t have your posts properly scheduled for posting. This is why you need an app to make things work out well for you.

Buffer app enables you to schedule or reschedule your social media posts and contents at a go. It is an excellent app for managing social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Buffer app is a blogging tool you can’t just afford not having. You stand a bigger loss than gain by not having this app. You should get it for managing your social media posts. With your social media lines taken care of, blogging is made more fun and easy for you! Not to mention the number of traffics you can generate to your blog from social media platforms.

3.  WordPress App

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems (CMS) for setting up blogs. Thousands of blogs have their stands rooted in WordPress. Ideally, blogging on WordPress should be carried out on a desktop computer or laptop. But as stated earlier in this article, technology always has a surprising gift up its sleeves!

WordPress app enables users to blog conveniently with their mobile device. This app allows you to do virtually everything you’d normally do on your desktop or laptop. So, you don’t have to be at the mercy of your desktop before you can blog. With the WordPress app, mobile blogging is made easy and smooth!

With this app, you can create a new post on your blog, review comments from visitors and even track your blog’s stats. We recommend you get this app for efficient and enjoyable mobile blogging. You’ll need it!

4. Google Analytics App

Google analytics tool is an indispensable web tool used for monitoring websites. As every blogger knows, it is the data-recording tool of websites.  Without a web analytic tool like Google analytics, monitoring the activities going on in your blog or website will be very tedious, slow and unproductive. No doubt, Google analytics is a must-have for every blogger.

Although Google analytics is a desktop-related blogging tool, there is an app version of it for mobile blogging, which is Google analytics app. With this app, you can access your web data, monitor recent changes, as well as track the behaviour of visitors to your site with your mobile device.

If you want to have real-time updates of your blog’s activities, using Google analytics app on your mobile device will do it for you sweat-free. We recommend you get the app.

5. Google Keep

Notes, photos and audio can be added and stored on Google Keep. To make the stored files accessible, you can have them properly properly organized. You can arrange and label the files with different colours for finding them easily later. Quite a useful and smart app to have right? Yeah!

What’s more, Google Keep comes with note reminders. It also has a voice memo recording function. You can record a voice memo and have the transcription done for you by the app later. You never know when you can have an amazing topic or idea for your blog. Before you lose that cool idea, it’s smart you have it kept somewhere safe for later consultation. Google Keep is the right app to help you out.

6. The Cloze App

The Cloze App works like a personal assistant. It is a remarkable tracking app for keeping a good record of your email, documents, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Evernote, just to mention a few. Everything is all set and arranged for you. The app also takes email signatures, ensuring your contacts are up-to-date always.

In addition, Cloze App gives you feedback on how active you’ve been using email. It sends you reminders on how long your last email was, as well as showing you when you ought to follow up. Using this app can be a life-saver. You might have forgotten about following up important emails or contacts. That can be problematic for you as a blogger. This app clears the problem for you by reminding you what is vital to remember.


Mobile blogging is made more fun and convenient with the right apps. You can check out the apps we’ve mentioned here. You can also stumble into other useful apps as you peruse the internet. You can use them too if they click well with you. We are certain that you’ll have a thrilling mobile blogging experience!

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